Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not there...

Today was a long day and with a lot of things to get done before to travel.

Missed my last opportunity to talk face to face with Max before my first 1/2 Ironman.

I almost skip the 2 WOD but I decided not matter what busy, I need to at least do 1 WOD.

Since my bike is in a case, I went to the garage to do:

20 Box Jump @ 24", 5 press push @ 95lb and 10 burpees. Completed 6.

I had to fight to concentrate and be focus on the workout, my mind was in a million details I need to prepare to my trip, really not present at the workout. Pushing but not hard, tired, soar and not motivated.

Travel will be something like this:

Approx. 1300 miles, my daughter (5ys old), my dog, my bike and bags. Movies, babies (dolls) and a triathlon gear :)

What else you can ask for?

The WOD of the trip will be "are we there yet" AMRAP in 21 hours.



  1. GOOD LUCK with your RACE!! be safe.

  2. Have a great trip and kick some serious butt!! Go get em!!!!

  3. I will take 5 times/hr = 105 rounds. Good luck with the race, have fun!!!