Thursday, March 11, 2010

Humid, tight and not easy

Today WOD 5km run. I wake up with really tight legs and try to warm it waking but didn't work.

Since was raining I decided to posponed the 500yds swim for tomorrow and run today.

After going in circles all morning and part of the afternoon I fill the water bottles and off I went.

Starte jogging for a couple of blocks and the started running in the streets and sidewalks of Port Saint Lucie.

The wind is always here, no matter where you are. I don't know what is worse, wind or hills. I'm not complaining just trying to pick one.
Wind, humidity and tight legs were not a good combination today.

I run almost in pain waiting for the watch to display the 5km mark. I make it!

After that I jog the way home with a feeling of accomplishment and thinking that on a a litle more than a week I will be doing the same just 4 times more, plus the bike and the swim.

I will post the data later.


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