Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Helen Taper, from Florida :)

Today Wod Helen at 70% effort.

I did it at a track field Port St. Lucie, FL. Only variation was I didn't have a pullup bar, I replace it for 20 pushups.

Since I'm tapering felt good to run again! Swings @35lb felt like 10lb, very good sensation.

8:49 was the total time. After that a quick walk with my daughter, mother in law and Hunter (my dog).

In 4 days is my first 1/2 iroman!
I'm so exited, nervous and anxious! I already did like 3 diferent lists, which I imputed to excel, read, imagine and dreamed over and over again. Also watched videos from the pros and YouTube...

I plan to rehearse the transition setup at the hotel and try to think and prepare the best I can.

Any suggestions, comments or anything you want to share with me?

Did you remember your best and worst transitions?

What did you do?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Ariel, as long as you know the order you will do things in transistion I don't think you need to stress too much about them - just enjoy the race & don't get flustered by things that may not go the way you thought they would - good luck for the race I'm really excited for you and looking forward to your race report - have fun

  2. First and foremost - relax. You did your homework, you are definately prepared. Get to transition with a clear head and believe it or not you will probably have a faster transition if you are relaxed and don't rush it. With the longer events, if you lose a few seconds to a half minute in transition it is no big deal.

    Have a great time - we're rooting for you!!

  3. You know what to do - be confident. Don't get caught up in all the people around you taking about times, the zillion other races they have done, blah blah - this is YOUR race against YOURSELF.
    My only suggestion - if you wear contact lenses, always have an extra pair in your bag - I lost one lense during the swim of a sprint - thought it was just somewhere in my eye and it would fall into place - rode w/one eye and ran w/one eye - contact was not in my eye and I found it about a month later dried up in my googles.

  4. 2 days and counting, soon I will be reporting on the race! thank you all!