Sunday, March 21, 2010

Florida Half Iroman - Race report

Where can I start?

We drove with my wife to Sarasota, FL on Saturday, day before the race. We pickup the package for the race and chat with the race director for intructions.

After looking for the right spot to swim, bike and run, easy we spoted a bay where I started. WOD felt very good, like with extra, extra energy.

Little pain on the knee but nothing big. After we checked in we try to find a good italian place for "pasta" prescribed by Max. Remember, if Max say it, we do it!

No luck finding a good Italian and we ended up in Olive Garden. Let me say it, food do not taste like before, I didn't enjoy like I used to do it before The Zone. Food taste not good and felt worse! But you need to do what master Yoda says, always!

We went to the hotel and I started to plan my transition mat and going arround in circles trying to find the right things and thoughts. Triple check all the check list and went to sleep.

Was hard to sleep, every 2 hours or so I ended up watching the clock and not being able to sleep right.

At 5am toke a shower, and start the day. Drove to the transition zone and setup everything and grab a cup of coffe. Do not have the stomach to eat anything.

Race meeting at 7:20 and all to the water... No extensive warm up, just a like 300yds.

We swimg to one of the bueys and the horn went off, the pack group went first and I follow, suddenly everything was real, after so many dreams and WODs the real thing was happening.

I swim not too hard, no too slow, trying to balance my strokes (long and strong) avoid people in the middle, not touch any feet. First loop of 2 felt like forever, second one fly by.

Went out of the water and struggle a litle bit to take of my wetsuit, grab the bike and hit the road. First 3 miles, constrution on the road plus a couple of guys flying buy didnt felt too good, but my goal was to have fun and finish the race.

I keep my HR to 145-150. Start pasing guys and was sunny and nice, the only thing was the headwind 20-25mph, I tought, don't worry keep pedaling.

First turn was my daughter with a big sign "GO PAPY GO" I cried of joy! Was so nice so perfect! Also my wife and inlaws cheering make the wind suddenly dissapear (not realy).

Then we turn and the wind was sideway for like 10 miles and the when we turn again was tailwind! Yes nice and fast, super fast even at 145-150HR, but nothing is perfect. Sudenly one drop, then 2 then pooring! but you can do anything about it, you can stoped, my goal again: Finish the race, 1 go every 20 minutes, water and Salt stick every hour, plus keep pedaling!

For like 30 miles was pooring not stop, but T2 was closer, and closer and that felt good.

I arrive to T2 in really good shape, until I went off the saddle, then the legs felt weird, really weird. T2 was quicker than T1 and started runing, first 2 miles want to quit, don't want to run, but I remember a song my daugther was hearing on Sprout:
KEEP TRYING, KEEP TRYING, NEVER GIVE UP! and I started to signing out loud the song, motivating myself and thinking "the only way I will not finish if someone put me on an ambulance, other way, even crawling I will finish.

All this with the sky falling down, pooring and soak wet.

First loop end and as soon started the second one I felt the same, don't want to run anymore, but motivation was stronger. Stopped having GUs beacuse my stomach was not fealing good at all, drinking just water.

My goal was not to walk and I did not walk, except 10 steps at the water stops I choose to had water.

I was thinking all the time, I need to finish and will be gret to do it in 6hrs. or less, even my first triathlon, my first Half Ironman, my goal was that. and.. I did it. I feel SO HAPPY!



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  1. Awesome result and awesome race report! Way to go!

  2. INSPIRING and you brought a little tear to my eye. Great Job and you should be so proud of your accomplishment.

  3. You should be so proud of yourself! All of your hardwork paid off with a tremendous result! I am really motivated by you as I am sure a lot of people are. Way to go, great job Ariel!!!

  4. Congrats Ariel! Great race, and a great re-cap. Next up... the Ironman. After you get a little rest, of course ;)

  5. Great race Ariel, fabulous time well done, very happy for you and enjoyed reading your race report

  6. CONGRATS! What an accomplishment!

  7. Hey Ariel,
    Congratulations! That's a really, really good time that anyone would be proud of. Your post shows that you have great mental strength which is just as important as the physical. You'll be fine at IMJ, keep up the good work and ENJOY that day!

  8. Congratulations on your race, Ariel!

    I enjoyed talking to you briefly the day before the race. We had tough conditions with all the rain at the race but I like rain much better than very hot & humid which is how most half ironmans I've raced have been. Very good job on your first tri. I am sure you will do well at IM Japan too with your positive attitude. Good luck anyway!