Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today I contacted YALE-NEW HAVEN CHILDREN HOSPITAL to meet with the person in charge in order to visit the hospital and talk with some kids with health issues.

This goes back to my childhood when I used to pickup roses from my moms garden and visit a center for old people next to my house and gave it and visit them.

I remember how happy I felt sharing time with this abandon people which they only want some company.

Months ago I join in order to collaborate with this organization, but since I didn't know how I will be doing at my first event, I decided to keep just for me...

Now, I'm sure I can do this and I'm seeking to not only enjoy myself with the journey but at the same help some kids to feel they can dream and invite them to join the races, places and experiences even from their beds.

Next April 12 at noon I will be meeting with the director of the hospital in order to outline ideas and see how can I do this.

If anybody want to come with me, I will love it.

Where really lucky people who can swim, bike and run enjoying our life's, I think is important to share some with this kids.

Thank you in advance.

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