Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to the white board...

After the trip back home today I need to resume training. With 80 days to Ironman Japan I will be training really, really hard.

Today, and since by bike is still on it's case, I decided to use a stationary bike at YMCA. WOD was 45 minutes at 65%. I'm still tight from the race but much better than yesterday.

After the first WOD I went to the chiropractic to an unticipated aligment. I must say that I missed Dr Erin hands and knowledge, really!!!! Last 2 weeks I felt tight and not fully right. Today she fix me back. So glad I went.

At evening I did the 2nd. WOD pending from Monday. 3x15 light weight: BENCH PRESS 105lb.,PULLUPS, PUSHUPS, SITUPS, SWINGS 25lb KT.

Felt good, very good! Back to the whiteboard.

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