Monday, March 8, 2010

2nd day in paradaise

Today I went to swim again in order to get use to the cold water of Florida. Something unusual at this time of the year, but a reality you can not avoid.

Water at Fort Pierce was cold but better than yesterday. Less waves and my swim stroke was better. Swim for 30 minutes non-stop and try to keep a good pace. Ocean was really peaceful and the feeling was awesome.

Then I run in the sand my way back to the starting point. Since I'm not local I swim with the current and just after the waves break. When I returned I decide to take of the wetsuit and swim for a litle bit the cold water. Very very cold but was nice.

@ the parking lot the bike was waiting and I ride for 26km along Indian River road, this path goes along the water and the views were simple beatifull.

I don't remember the total time but soon I will posting it. Only bad note was my gears was acting extrange and have to stop.

My father in law, a cyclist, was my road assistand and tour guide from his truck, my daughter cheer for me from the truck practicing for the event.

What else I can ask for? Swiming, biking all with the family...

This is paradaise and triathlon is the best experience any human should experiment to feel happiness.

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