Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10K PR & POSE METHOD thoughts

Today I woke up early to go the YMCA @ Saratoga Springs, NY in order to complete my WOD, 10Km for time.

I warm up with 2 laps walking fast and then start running.

Today I was focus on remember at every lap that I need:

* Keep the POSE
* Chest up
* Tight core
* Pickup my feet quick
* Lean to accelerate
* Arms tight to the chest like holding to little birds
* Be relaxed all the time, don't fight the run, ENJOY IT AND EMBRACE IT!

Was not easy, not I know why we do burpees and other core exercises, because when you develop strength on your core the POSE running becomes more easy to hold over distance.

I felt like I just played a Rugby match with the ALL BLACKS, sore everywhere from today's 10K, 300 squats for time and the WOD our dear MAX put for us on the weekend (death by 10mts).

But with all that being said, I feel happy! I PR my 10K @ 52:54 (my last 10km 1:02:12)

I plan to keep pushing as hard as my body can hold it!


Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 10k for time @ YMCA (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 10k around the house (15ยบF)


  1. Ariel,

    Hope all is well! Great to meet you at the cert this past weekend. Its refreshing to see such a dedicated athlete. Keep up the good work in training, and I hope you are preparing your bags for travel...74 DAYS LEFT!!!!

    Sean LeFloch

  2. Hi Sean! How are you! Nice to meet you at the cert too! Thank you four message. Let's keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.