Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hotel and Pool

3rd. day at Saratoga Springs, another early wake up and head to the YMCA, but since my room is close to the Hotel Gym I decided to check it out. Find out nobody was there and I can save a trip to the gym.

Did the 50ft waking lounges with 25lb barbell, 21 burpees x 4 times. Total time 10:30

Burpees are always hard, but now for me have another meaning, get stronger in my core and legs.

After the WOD I practice 4 stretches with each leg, the ones Max prescribed. Really hard to do it, but I'm committed to get better and that means, more flexibility in my muscles.

After the day at the office, I head to YMCA for my 15minutes swim. Felt a litle wear at the begining, new pool and no swim since race day. Felt good, I pushed as hard as I can and manage 31 laps x 25 yds. each.

Then back to the hotel to have dinner and go to bed to recover.


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Today data:
Untitled by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10K PR & POSE METHOD thoughts

Today I woke up early to go the YMCA @ Saratoga Springs, NY in order to complete my WOD, 10Km for time.

I warm up with 2 laps walking fast and then start running.

Today I was focus on remember at every lap that I need:

* Keep the POSE
* Chest up
* Tight core
* Pickup my feet quick
* Lean to accelerate
* Arms tight to the chest like holding to little birds
* Be relaxed all the time, don't fight the run, ENJOY IT AND EMBRACE IT!

Was not easy, not I know why we do burpees and other core exercises, because when you develop strength on your core the POSE running becomes more easy to hold over distance.

I felt like I just played a Rugby match with the ALL BLACKS, sore everywhere from today's 10K, 300 squats for time and the WOD our dear MAX put for us on the weekend (death by 10mts).

But with all that being said, I feel happy! I PR my 10K @ 52:54 (my last 10km 1:02:12)

I plan to keep pushing as hard as my body can hold it!


Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 10k for time @ YMCA (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 10k around the house (15ºF)


Before the day started with my week long trip to Saratoga Springs, NY I decided to jump out of the bed, drink water and go to the basement for the 300.

I warm up with 1,000 mts. row and then did the 300 in groups of 50s and 10s. TOTAL TIME 8:30

Then drive the 2 and half hours to Saratoga and have my first day @ this project.

Exited about the 10k tomorrow.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday and Today I was at Crossfit Endurance Certification. Held at Westwood, New Jersey. Master Yoda was there, and he is really "the master", hands down.

This is not my first Cert, I did Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Kids and this one was one of the best, for many reasons.

To start, I thought my running was improving since I did 2:20 in my first ever 13.1 miles training and then 2:03 on race day, but you know what? NO!!!

My running needs A LOT OF IMPROVEMENT and after today I plan to practice, practice and practice the drills.

But good news, they video taped and show us what we ALL do wrong, even seasoned runners and that's a good point to start because we can improve and get better from here.

Also was really good to hear other people, their experience and their perspective about crossfit and endurance.

Day after day I'm more convinced that this is the path to follow, not only because make a lot of sense and "I feel it" but also because you have data, evidence, numbers or however you want to call it to support it.

Also I found out that, like when I was practicing martial arts, that you need to feel what your are doing, you need to be relaxed, flowing and following your instincts not the current.

No matter if other people are running centuries all weekends or running marathons before marathons, you need to believe in what your doing, believe in yourself and in your coach. By the way, if you don't have a coach call Max! Period.

What I plan to do from now on is watch the DVD I have from POSE METHOD over and over again and review all comments and drills from this weekend.

Other aspects wich I think are huge if I want to really improve:


Today was my last day off for a while, tomorrow 300 squats for time... and let the fun begin.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today I contacted YALE-NEW HAVEN CHILDREN HOSPITAL to meet with the person in charge in order to visit the hospital and talk with some kids with health issues.

This goes back to my childhood when I used to pickup roses from my moms garden and visit a center for old people next to my house and gave it and visit them.

I remember how happy I felt sharing time with this abandon people which they only want some company.

Months ago I join in order to collaborate with this organization, but since I didn't know how I will be doing at my first event, I decided to keep just for me...

Now, I'm sure I can do this and I'm seeking to not only enjoy myself with the journey but at the same help some kids to feel they can dream and invite them to join the races, places and experiences even from their beds.

Next April 12 at noon I will be meeting with the director of the hospital in order to outline ideas and see how can I do this.

If anybody want to come with me, I will love it.

Where really lucky people who can swim, bike and run enjoying our life's, I think is important to share some with this kids.

Thank you in advance.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to the white board...

After the trip back home today I need to resume training. With 80 days to Ironman Japan I will be training really, really hard.

Today, and since by bike is still on it's case, I decided to use a stationary bike at YMCA. WOD was 45 minutes at 65%. I'm still tight from the race but much better than yesterday.

After the first WOD I went to the chiropractic to an unticipated aligment. I must say that I missed Dr Erin hands and knowledge, really!!!! Last 2 weeks I felt tight and not fully right. Today she fix me back. So glad I went.

At evening I did the 2nd. WOD pending from Monday. 3x15 light weight: BENCH PRESS 105lb.,PULLUPS, PUSHUPS, SITUPS, SWINGS 25lb KT.

Felt good, very good! Back to the whiteboard.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yesterday at 12:20pm we started our trip back from Florida to Connecticut, round trip 3,880 miles (CT, Port St. Lucie, Miami, Sarasota and back) should I include the 70.3 :)

The day after my first Half Ironman such a trip was not a good idea, but here we are 19 hours later unpacking the tri gear and remembering what it's a dream come true.

I still living again those magic last feet with the finish line in front of me and my first triathlon becoming reality, I don't know if will ever forget it...

Now the vacation it's over and need to focus on the training for Ironman Japan, just around the corner in 80 something days.

A lot to things to do, among them learn some basic Japanese to be able to live part of that amazing culture and their fascinating people.

Yesterdays WOD was postponed to a brick session tomorrow since after taking turns driving for 19 hours with my wife there is no way I can hit the gym today.

Something I know for sure is that I want to become faster, leaner and stronger. I have some ideas in mind how to do it. I will discuss it with Max and posted here.

Thank you again for you constant support and encouragement.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Florida Half Iroman - Race report

Where can I start?

We drove with my wife to Sarasota, FL on Saturday, day before the race. We pickup the package for the race and chat with the race director for intructions.

After looking for the right spot to swim, bike and run, easy we spoted a bay where I started. WOD felt very good, like with extra, extra energy.

Little pain on the knee but nothing big. After we checked in we try to find a good italian place for "pasta" prescribed by Max. Remember, if Max say it, we do it!

No luck finding a good Italian and we ended up in Olive Garden. Let me say it, food do not taste like before, I didn't enjoy like I used to do it before The Zone. Food taste not good and felt worse! But you need to do what master Yoda says, always!

We went to the hotel and I started to plan my transition mat and going arround in circles trying to find the right things and thoughts. Triple check all the check list and went to sleep.

Was hard to sleep, every 2 hours or so I ended up watching the clock and not being able to sleep right.

At 5am toke a shower, and start the day. Drove to the transition zone and setup everything and grab a cup of coffe. Do not have the stomach to eat anything.

Race meeting at 7:20 and all to the water... No extensive warm up, just a like 300yds.

We swimg to one of the bueys and the horn went off, the pack group went first and I follow, suddenly everything was real, after so many dreams and WODs the real thing was happening.

I swim not too hard, no too slow, trying to balance my strokes (long and strong) avoid people in the middle, not touch any feet. First loop of 2 felt like forever, second one fly by.

Went out of the water and struggle a litle bit to take of my wetsuit, grab the bike and hit the road. First 3 miles, constrution on the road plus a couple of guys flying buy didnt felt too good, but my goal was to have fun and finish the race.

I keep my HR to 145-150. Start pasing guys and was sunny and nice, the only thing was the headwind 20-25mph, I tought, don't worry keep pedaling.

First turn was my daughter with a big sign "GO PAPY GO" I cried of joy! Was so nice so perfect! Also my wife and inlaws cheering make the wind suddenly dissapear (not realy).

Then we turn and the wind was sideway for like 10 miles and the when we turn again was tailwind! Yes nice and fast, super fast even at 145-150HR, but nothing is perfect. Sudenly one drop, then 2 then pooring! but you can do anything about it, you can stoped, my goal again: Finish the race, 1 go every 20 minutes, water and Salt stick every hour, plus keep pedaling!

For like 30 miles was pooring not stop, but T2 was closer, and closer and that felt good.

I arrive to T2 in really good shape, until I went off the saddle, then the legs felt weird, really weird. T2 was quicker than T1 and started runing, first 2 miles want to quit, don't want to run, but I remember a song my daugther was hearing on Sprout:
KEEP TRYING, KEEP TRYING, NEVER GIVE UP! and I started to signing out loud the song, motivating myself and thinking "the only way I will not finish if someone put me on an ambulance, other way, even crawling I will finish.

All this with the sky falling down, pooring and soak wet.

First loop end and as soon started the second one I felt the same, don't want to run anymore, but motivation was stronger. Stopped having GUs beacuse my stomach was not fealing good at all, drinking just water.

My goal was not to walk and I did not walk, except 10 steps at the water stops I choose to had water.

I was thinking all the time, I need to finish and will be gret to do it in 6hrs. or less, even my first triathlon, my first Half Ironman, my goal was that. and.. I did it. I feel SO HAPPY!



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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Track & Fun

Today WOD, 8x200mts. @ 75%, went to yesterday's same track but this time with my daughter.

Felt good to warm up with her arround the 400mts., dreaming with the day she may be doing the same for her first triathlon.

She had fun waking and jogging arround, climbing and playing with a stick, kids stuff... They now how to have fun with little things.

After expending 2 weeks here at the sunshine state I notice that overweight people is epidemic, eveywhere you go or look is hard to find healthy people.

It hurt and make me want to help them to enjoy the life living it not eating it.

My brother in law needs to loose at least 80 pounds and I'm researching ways to motivate him to start a better lifestyle.

Still trying to go beyond the classic "be healthy to see your kids grow..." I know how that feel my dad dies when I was 5 and part of my pursuit of healthy lifestyle was because I want to enjoy my kids and be with them as much as I can.

But for someone who wasn't live a lost of father is hard to be motivated with this line of thinking.

So the question is: what to say to somebody who you want to motivated to change?

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Helen Taper, from Florida :)

Today Wod Helen at 70% effort.

I did it at a track field Port St. Lucie, FL. Only variation was I didn't have a pullup bar, I replace it for 20 pushups.

Since I'm tapering felt good to run again! Swings @35lb felt like 10lb, very good sensation.

8:49 was the total time. After that a quick walk with my daughter, mother in law and Hunter (my dog).

In 4 days is my first 1/2 iroman!
I'm so exited, nervous and anxious! I already did like 3 diferent lists, which I imputed to excel, read, imagine and dreamed over and over again. Also watched videos from the pros and YouTube...

I plan to rehearse the transition setup at the hotel and try to think and prepare the best I can.

Any suggestions, comments or anything you want to share with me?

Did you remember your best and worst transitions?

What did you do?

Thank you in advance!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Swim, Bike and Run

Today WOD 20 minutes light each discipline.

I swim in the ocean, a litle cold but calm like a pool. Since the other day I almost get hooked by a line, I decided to swim between the lifeguard houses.

20 minutes light strokes. First 5 minutes felt my arms tight, really tight! I need to warm up better before to jump into the water.

After that, I bike for other 20 minutes with headwind, again I don't know what is harder win or hills. Good part: the beautiful ocean view at Indian River Dr., Fort Pierce.

Then loaded the bike into my father in law truck and ran for 20 minutes from Indian River to US1. Nice run. Felt a litle tight and some pain on my left knee and upper right leg.

I need my chiropractor!

I will post to comment the data when I receive my computer back since my sweet daughter spill a cup of coffe on my MacBook :(

In 7 days at this time I will be heading back home with my first 1/2 Ironman result...

Side note:
I read this article which is really interesting


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Humid, tight and not easy

Today WOD 5km run. I wake up with really tight legs and try to warm it waking but didn't work.

Since was raining I decided to posponed the 500yds swim for tomorrow and run today.

After going in circles all morning and part of the afternoon I fill the water bottles and off I went.

Starte jogging for a couple of blocks and the started running in the streets and sidewalks of Port Saint Lucie.

The wind is always here, no matter where you are. I don't know what is worse, wind or hills. I'm not complaining just trying to pick one.
Wind, humidity and tight legs were not a good combination today.

I run almost in pain waiting for the watch to display the 5km mark. I make it!

After that I jog the way home with a feeling of accomplishment and thinking that on a a litle more than a week I will be doing the same just 4 times more, plus the bike and the swim.

I will post the data later.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Florida Crossfiters

Yesterday WODs:

1) Bike 20km @ 80%
2) 3-3-3-3-3 Backsquats

I went out to bike for 30km. Nice ride even I get lost and had to stop at several lights. Here in Florida cyclist are under same laws the cars have.

Good ride, windy but really good to feel the pedals and keep getting used to the diference between the trainer at the basement and the real road.

Up to know, without sitting with all the data that I need to upload, I will say the 20km TT at the basement is 3 to 4 minutes faster than outside rides.

Now I'm getting more perspective between the two.

After an early dinner, I hit a nearby Crossfit gym to do my backsquats.

I drop in at hardbodies port saint Lucie and after a brief introduction I was challenged to join the warm up, I accepted.

Stretching, 25 push ups, 25 situps, 25 squats, 5 climb the rope from a laydown position (first time for me), 100 mts lunges, 100 mts jogging with high knees and 400mts run to finish.

Then I hit the backsquats and the gym owner (a lady wich will be competing at the regionals next Saturday) corrected my posture on the backsquats and help me to improve my overall mechanics, really good advice.

She gave me a "deloud" exercise to finish.

5-10-15-20-25 reps delouding the weight on the backsquats, with 30 second rest/deloud in between.

Felt good to be part of a group and do Crossfit training.

Very positive day.

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Jump to the table

Today WODs:

1) 30, 20, 10 Jump boxes, squats, push ups, burpees

2) 800yds swim

Since I don't have jump boxes at the beach I decided to do it a little higher, using a table just @ the parking lot, seems like 36".

Was hard but nice to do it with 72F weather. My knee was almost fine and did it with food energy and motivation, training outside seems easier :)

Total time 13:33.

Inmidiately after that went into the ocean and start swiming.

10 minutes in, I hit something at the ocean like a tick rope, wasn't a rope, was a fish line!!!

I decided to go out of the water since was like other 6 fishline in the shore.

Was not fun at all, for a moment I panic just with the tought of getting hooked! I'm hooked with my training but not with this lines...

I swim back another 8 minutes to have fun with my daughter at the beach. The water was at 60F but still she wants to go in. Connecticut girl!

Even without the wetsuit, water was not that cold today.


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Monday, March 8, 2010

2nd day in paradaise

Today I went to swim again in order to get use to the cold water of Florida. Something unusual at this time of the year, but a reality you can not avoid.

Water at Fort Pierce was cold but better than yesterday. Less waves and my swim stroke was better. Swim for 30 minutes non-stop and try to keep a good pace. Ocean was really peaceful and the feeling was awesome.

Then I run in the sand my way back to the starting point. Since I'm not local I swim with the current and just after the waves break. When I returned I decide to take of the wetsuit and swim for a litle bit the cold water. Very very cold but was nice.

@ the parking lot the bike was waiting and I ride for 26km along Indian River road, this path goes along the water and the views were simple beatifull.

I don't remember the total time but soon I will posting it. Only bad note was my gears was acting extrange and have to stop.

My father in law, a cyclist, was my road assistand and tour guide from his truck, my daughter cheer for me from the truck practicing for the event.

What else I can ask for? Swiming, biking all with the family...

This is paradaise and triathlon is the best experience any human should experiment to feel happiness.

Swim and Bike @ Florida

I went to Fort Pierce, FL to swim and try my wetsuit. Since the last time I used a suit was like 20 years ago, I toke time to get use to it.

Water was really cold, lifeguard told me 57F. He was a crossfiter! But not crazy enough to accept my challenge to swim.

Currents were strong and I swim for 30 minutes enjoying every second, even when my hands and face felt really, really cold!

The walk back the 2 miles I swim.

Take a shower at the beach and put my bike gear for the 20km TT. The bike path was destroyed and bike was doing an extrange noise. Also I had wind facing me, a lot of excuses for my first cycling outside the basement.

Legs felt strong and better than expected, at 10km turn arround and with the tail wind the difference was immediate.

Anyway the road was in a really bad shape and don't want to break my bike so I take it easy.

Total time: 34 minutes.

Later I will compare with previous TT.

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We drove 1400 miles with several stops and overnigt sleep at Manning, SC.

Good 30 hrs total and happy because Juliet and Hunter behave like adults or better.

The only down side I was exausted and instead of 1 day off ended in 2.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the beach and try the wetsuit in 50F something degree water...

Also 20km TT bike. I'm looking forward to do it....


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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not there...

Today was a long day and with a lot of things to get done before to travel.

Missed my last opportunity to talk face to face with Max before my first 1/2 Ironman.

I almost skip the 2 WOD but I decided not matter what busy, I need to at least do 1 WOD.

Since my bike is in a case, I went to the garage to do:

20 Box Jump @ 24", 5 press push @ 95lb and 10 burpees. Completed 6.

I had to fight to concentrate and be focus on the workout, my mind was in a million details I need to prepare to my trip, really not present at the workout. Pushing but not hard, tired, soar and not motivated.

Travel will be something like this:

Approx. 1300 miles, my daughter (5ys old), my dog, my bike and bags. Movies, babies (dolls) and a triathlon gear :)

What else you can ask for?

The WOD of the trip will be "are we there yet" AMRAP in 21 hours.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trip and Crossfit...

Today I returned from Saratoga Springs. Leave about 2pm drive pickup my daughter, feed her and finish some work.

After that, and and awful night without sleep (no matter how good the hotel is, I do not sleep well), today I was tired from the night without sleep plus the trip.

Anyway, I went to the garage at 8pm to do the WOD.

5 Deadlift @ 205lb + 10 burpees + 15 squats AMRAP 15 Minutes.

Completed 9 rounds + 5 deadlifts. Ended absolutely exhausted and sweating all over even with 35F weather.

Felt really good. Not time to swim the 700yd, pending for sometime next week.

Tomorrow, another long and crazy day before the super-drive to Florida.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something old, something new, all good!

This it'a crazy week for me. I'm at Saratoga Springs, NY for a production seminar. Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Friday I'm driving to Florida (1300 miles from home).

But that's life right? Challenging.

I toke Max mojo and I'm going one WOD at a time.

Today was 45 minutes running. Something old, knee was bothering me, this time the right knee.
Something new, I run at YMCA SARATOGA wich have an indoor track, very nice and well maintained. That keep me motivated and warm to run before the seminar started.

Total distance covered: 5.12 miles. Starting pace 7.8mph worse pace 6.8. Tried to keep it most of the running at 7.5 but was hard and right leg was hurting, maybe because I used a bracelet on the left knee, I don't really know.

I feel happy! Running in a new place, not in a treadmill and I made it all the way.

Tomorrow up at 5am to do the WOD before the day of work.

And... I'm not a morning person.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Today WOD, Run 400mts, 21 swings with 35lb kettebells, 12 pull ups x 3 times.Total time: 9:45.

I did the workout at home, treadmill on the basement and swings and pull ups at the garage.

Felt good. Pull ups broken down in groups, really hard. Right elbow was bothering a little bit.

Today I went to service my bike and the bike shop broke my gear shift, they promise they will bring my bike today at home. Good service at Cycling Concepts (Rocky Hill).

Leaving on Friday to Florida to spend 2 weeks before the race over there. Since I didn't have any vacations yet, will be great to spend some time in a warmer place, training in short leaves and shorts.

This winter by far, is the hardest one on me.