Saturday, February 6, 2010

WOD @ Del Mar California

Wake up at 3am to go to the airport, fly to Chicago and from there to San Diego, California for the Crossfit Kids certification.

After arriving and since my room was not ready I decides to ride to arround.

After seeing the beach I stop when I saw that incredible view.

A few a people doing kitesurfing and the 68 degree was the perfect ambient for the WOD of the day.

400mts. + 50 squats + 10 burpees x 4 times.

Even when the trip to here was finally sitting on me, I decided to do the WOD just because I don't that many chances to workout at the beach were we live.

Didn't time the WOD, just did it. Tired but happy I hit hard, as hard as I can.

Then go back to the hotel and finish some pending screening of a new TV project.

I feel really happy for having the opportunity to be here.

Also, I'm impress of the amount of people training arround. Cycling, running... That's why San Diego is one of the triathlon capitals of the world.

Anybody know any open position arround San Diego?

This is the place I will like to live, or Kona.


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