Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today 2nd. WOD 800yds for time (15x50mts.)

On 1/27 I did 12:36 today 13:27 :(

I felt weak and almost out of breath, I pushed hard but was not enough.

After the first WOD (400mts. + 50 squats x 6) I felt really tired.

The good side of this is that I did the best I could, I pushed hard.

Next time I know what to expect and I will give more to get down this number.

Question: I anybody using compression tights? Yesterday after the WOD I start using again a pair of Skins compression tights and I feel better today.

Today I used it for the WOD and afterward I'm using the 2XUs, feeling better than other days, like my muscles are feeling not that bit up.

I will keep experimenting with this tights to see if a mind thing or is working for real.

Compress cheers for everybody)


  1. I haven't used any compression gear, but friends who did IM last summer wore compression long socks and they said it was a necessity.

  2. Last 3 days I've being using it and I feel better, like my legs are not that sore.