Sunday, February 28, 2010


Thanks to Jane I start researching on trigger points. For some reason I thought was familiar to me.

I asked my chiropractor if she knows about it and she replies with the email below.

Please feel free to contact her or if you want to experience an excellent treatment, make and appointment with here.

She is the one who is helping me with me knees and keep my body align and well in order to endure all our training.


Hello Ariel,
Yes, trigger point therapy is what you receive when I work the muscles...(i.e the direct pressure I give to the muscles that creates the pain...and then as I hold it the pain releases is one technique to get rid of trigger points...Nimmo / ischemic compression technique)
Also, the stretching I do where you stretch/push into me and another technique call post-isometric relaxation..that is specific to trigger points..if the muscle is just tight without trigger points I do a technique called PFS...

Active Release Technique is also something I do that was a seperate certification that I received post doctorate. This technique is great for all types of muscle problems and is what I used on your shoulder and also on the quad.

We can chat more tomorrow, let me know if you have questions!!

See you tomorrow,

Dr. Erin Maziarz
Litchfield County Family Chiropractic
"Committed to improving your quality of life!"

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  1. Ariel,

    For what it's worth, I've been using these products for about 5 years (when I actaully remember to use them). I have to say, while holycowtheyarepainful, they really work: