Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday at pool

I went to YMCA to do my WOD of the day.

200yds (4x50mts) + 10 push-ups x 7 times.

When I was at the pool I found and all buddy who used to do the spinning class with me (before meet with Max I was doing spinning classes :(

I challenge him to do the workout with me and he agreed.

We did a quick warm up and then we started, after the first we did the 10 push ups and jump from the "shallow" part of the pool back to the water, ISSUE # 1 for the lifeguard!!!! which stops us after just 1 lap and told us to stop doing that.

So, next round we did the 10 push ups on the other side of the pool and jump back on the deep side, this time without being stop by the lifeguard on duty.

Even when my buddy was doing less meter each run and less push-ups, he enjoyed and wanted more (not that day) but more of the same intensity workout.

He thanks me to "push him" to do this and told me he felt tired but happy.

For me was another WOD, may be a little slow than usual, but with company.

Total time: 25 minutes even.


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