Sunday, February 28, 2010

Should be fun to run...

Even after read Max email, motivation is an issue for my running.

6x800mts. were really, really hard on me. Felt tired and pushing to finish the torture.
Yes, felt like a torture and not fun at all.

When this happened I remember those days (like 20+ years ago) when the coach punish us with field running after a match where somebody drop the ball or did something wrong.

I'm trying to reprogram myself and get rid of those bad memories bad when I start suffering on the treadmill at the basement, those memories try to hunt me...

What can I do, any ideas?

Today runs:


After the run I did 100 push ups pending from the other day (I keep a record of the missed WOD to do it when I can) TOTAL TIME: 3:49

Today data:
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 6x800mts. 4 minutes rest

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