Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not for time, just for fun.

Today, after 13.1 miles, I feel sore, everywhere, I mean everywhere.

Today my sons WOD (my soon name is Francisco, we call him FRAN).
I did Fran not for time, just for survival. After yesterdays lack of legs on the last 3 miles, I decided to push harder, but was not an easy task.

21-15-9 Pull ups and thruster with 95lb. Pull ups breakdown in easy installments and thrusters the same. I don't clock it since I almost quit doing it.
I use bracelet on both knees since the pain is there, now times 2.

Anyway, I think I did it in about 10 minutes or longer since I hear 1 Motley Crue song + 1 Aerosmith song (both know for their long lyrics), so I assume I spend 10 + minutes.

After the 1st. WOD I felt a truck ran over me!
Went to the chiropractor and try to relax the muscles. Didn't work.

At evening, 2nd WOD. 1000yds for time. I did it without pushing to hard because I didn't have any energy left. I clock it just for the record 18:16. Not good.

To make matters worse, in the line by my side was the little mermaid swimming like he was at the Olympics... I felt like I was in slow motion camera.

Felts great to celebrate my birthday training. With goals in the future and being part of a team of great people.



  1. Happy birthday Ariel, hope you get over the tired feeling that you have and that your knees get sorted soon. Part of training is to feel "pretty smashed" at times - just not all the time - I hope :)

  2. Thank you Jane. Today I felt better. I want to run as fast as you some day. My 13.1 miles the other day was super slow compare with yours.

    I need to practice more POSE!