Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm not a morning person, but...

Today I wake up at 5am. and I did my Reiki/Meditation session (I do 1/2 hour on the morning and 1/2 before to go sleep everyday).

First thing when I jump out of bed I drink a lot of water (I tried this after read Jane's blog) then direct to the basement to do the 500mts. Row, 50 swings @ 20lb kettebell, 500mts. Row, 40 swings @ 20lb kettebell, 500mts. Row, 30 swings @ 20lb kettebell, 500mts. Row.

I felt very good and with energy, even when my eyes are not fully open at that time.

Then, like last week I drove to NY (120 miles in and 120 out) long, long drive... Meeting and back home to pick my princess (daughter).

Snowplow the driveway (with the ATV to avoid any cliffhanger) and manually plow the front of the house thinking about the 2nd. WOD of the day, this time with no drama... :) This time I only have 1 WOD in mind since the first one was in the bag.

After my wife arrived home I went to the YMCA at 7pm, which felt like midnight.

Grab a gel and off we go for the 800yds. (15x50mts) TOTAL TIME: 12:19

I pushed like it was the first WOD of the day, 100% all the way (if MAX say it, we do it!, can we do it? yes we can :), and for some reason I enjoyed pushing today.

Today, like many of you received MAX inspirational email, and really cheer me up. I love to be part of this team and I'm learning so much from everyone.

Thank you all.


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