Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday and the gift I gave to myself is health and fitness (sounds like a line from the cheap reality show, but it's what I'm feeling).

364 days ago I was sitting on the couch looking outside, making up excuses to don't go and exercise.

A day like today, with heavy snow, ice roads and a knee not at 100% would be more than bonus excuses....


Today I decided to stick to the "prescribed WOD" 13.1 miles.

Is the first time in my life that I can say I run 13.1miles NON STOP!!!!

Even with today's weather which for moments left my to think I'm a little crazy (just a little :).

I started near Unionville, CT at the parking lot and decided to run along the route 4 towards Collinsvile, by the side of Farmington River.

I ran from there to Canton (route 179 & 44). And back to the parking lot.

First 7 miles where OK, with some leg discomfort but very good overall, then after that started to snow heavy and the road was really ice on the side.

I rich the parking lot but my watch indicates that I have to ran for another 1.7 miles so I loop around a couple of times until I finished.

I felt with no power in my legs and tired. Last 3 miles I jog at 5.6mph, really slow.

Total time is not something I proud of, but is my first record of 13.1 miles. A lot room for improvement and need to train harder my legs.

2:20 minutes. Now at least I know what can expect (at least on distance, at race day).

Trip back home was slow to beacuse of 3 accidents on routes 202 and 118. Cars with no AWD or 4WD should stay at home.

After a good warm shower I'm feeling my legs again. Next WOD 100 push ups for time.

Todays data:
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 13.1 miles! First time



  1. congrats!! Amazing! And HAppy birthday a day early! Can't believe you went out in this weather...you are strong mentally! Great job!

  2. What a great birthday present to yourself! Happy Birthday Ariel!! Way to go, your race will be awesome.

  3. Just great!!!!! What more can I say.

  4. Great work Ariel in tough conditions, & Happy birthday for tomorrow :)

  5. Ariel

    Outstanding effort & happy birthday! Great job!!!!

  6. Great job and happy birthday!

  7. Thank you all, feels like a family :)

  8. Happy Belated Birthda, Ariel :))