Wednesday, February 10, 2010

400mts. run + 50 squats x 6 times

Today I add a pending workout to my prescribed WOD.

400mts. run + 50 squats x 6 times. Warm up with 500 mts. row and 400mts. jog.

I run the first 400mts. @ 9.1mph on the treadmill, jump out off the treadmill and I did the 50 squats.
2nd. set was a little harder at same speed 9.1mph. 3rd. set the legs feel like "jello" and speed was 8.9mph.
4th., 5th and 6th. set I did 8.9mph, squat really on broken number of 20 and sometimes even 10s, next time need to push harder on the squats!


Hard workout, pushed as hard as I can, finished grasping for air and sore. But now after a shower I feel much better.

Later 800yds. TT.


Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 400mts. run + 50 squats x 6 times

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