Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday I finished the Crossfit kids and started my trip back home.

At San Diego Airport I found out my connection flight from Washington DC to Hartford was canceled and need to wait until noon to be able to fly back home.

Didn't sleep at the red-eye at all and since I need to finish a pending logging some material I landed at DC at 5:30am and started working right away to be able to finish the log and send it out.

The second connection was delay and landed way pass the schedule arrival time.

But the time I get home is almost 40 hours without sleep, and even when I feel the urge to take out of the system and do the 100 pull ups for time, I know my body will not take it.

So I will resume training tomorrow.

This week I need to catch up with the WOD since I missed a couple because of the certification.

I was thinking, for some of us who live kind of near, do you want to meet at a Crossfit facility and do a workout together (a basic one) in order to see each other, know each other and may be Max con join us and correct some movements.

I just an idea with the goal to get better movements out of it.