Thursday, February 18, 2010

BIKE: 5ON, 1OFF, 10 ON, 1 OFF, 15 ON

Today I woke up with the knee discomfort (little pain) and went to Dr. Erin for another session. She worked again on my left leg intensively, after the session the pain was almost done.

At evening I went down to the basement and warm up 1000mts on the rower.

After that I jump to the bike for 5 minutes pedaling hard, 1 off (without pedaling), 10 minutes pedaling hard again, 1 off (without pedaling) and finally 15 minutes pedaling hard.

I guess because Dr. Erin worked on my left leg I felt my right leg really tight! and left leg (knee) bothers me a little, but after the first 5 minutes I didn't felt any discomfort or pain at all.

Total distance covered in the 30 minutes (5+10+15) = 25.37km (15.76 miles)
Last distance covered in 30 minutes 01/23/10 = 23.71km (14.73 miles)

Tomorrows WOD will determine and put my left knee under pressure again, I hope it hold the intensity so I can move on.

I will save a little effort in order to save it for my next 13.1 miles due next 02/23.

Cheers trimax team!

Today data:
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 5ON, 1OFF, 10 ON, 1 OFF, 15 ON

Last data (30 minutes bike):
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 30 Minutes Bike

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