Saturday, February 20, 2010

Balls on fire! 30 Minutes Bike x distance

Sorry ladies, but today the saddle get the best of me :)

Generally speaking, and after my 3rd. chiropractor session my knee feels better.

1st. WOD, 150 ball for time, with the knee bracelet and series broken in 25reps. each.

Do not timed, just did it on a good pace, resting to catch my breath. Felt good, the knee do not felt worst.

After that I rest for a couple of hours and went down to the basement for the 2nd. WOD.

I started god at 50-55km per hour and pushing nice, but for some reason after the minute 20 the saddle start feeling like a hot iron a was absolutely not a good feeling, ling the bib suddenly get inside the inside of my legs and my b... became part of the bibs... weird sensation.

I managed to pushed anyway as hard as I can, drink water and keep pushing, always aware of the knee.

Compared with the last 30 minutes (straight) I did better.
Last 23.71 km / Today 24:47km Improvement: + 0.71 km

Compared with the 5min. on 10 min on + 15 minutes on I lost almost 1km.
Last 25.37km / Today 24:47km Difference: -0.90 Km

Anyway I felt happy, at least I'm keep training even with half knee and half b....

Sorry again ladies for my language....


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  1. Thanks for not including a picture ;-) Hope your knee and b.... feel better!