Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today at noon I did my 1st. WOD


I use to be sure what was exactly the prescribed WOD. I follow carefully the instruction and do/ don't allowed or in crossfit language Rx.

First set was OK, then the whole thing break apart. Swing with no problem but knee to elbows was really hard, I need to broke down the series in little bites in order to finish it.

Total time 7:15 and sore everywhere. I did it before to went to the chiropractor and now I realize was a good idea.

2nd. WOD of the day bike for 1on, 1off all the way to 5 minutes and go down again.

At the beginning was a little hard, maybe because I did not warm up, after that I start feeling better and pushed all the way to the finish.

Maybe ,I save a little bit, and do not pushed 100%, but felt good overall.

I'm using a video scenic ( that I found online.

Work good as a distraction, it feels like you're riding outside, instead of the basement, which I start to hate.

Anyway, is good to shift the focus to the screen and see mountains, road and SUN! instead of waiting for the digits on my cycling computer to move faster or just the time go faster...

Today WOD distance was 29.97 km was (18.62 miles)

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for BIKE 1ON, 1OFF, 2ON, 2OFF, 3ON, 3OFF, 4ON, 4OFF, 5ON, 5OFF, BACKDOWN TO 1

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