Saturday, February 6, 2010

4 burpees + 8 pushups + 12 situps AMRAP 20 minutes

Wake up early to do my first WOD. I was tired but here we go.

Outside was raining and since I have to travel 1 hour where the Crossfit Kids will be I did the WOD at the hotel room.

Felt good but tired. Total 18 reps.

Then I went to the Crossfit Kids 1st day Cert. WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.

I will right a blog later about it. Just for know I can tell you some kids and teens are brilliant. Perfect body alignment, position and range of movement.

Even one of the kids CRUSH our PRs but far (he is the soon of the coach who runs the Brand X box).

After watching this kids working out, I know I need to go back and improve every single movement, even the basic ones, before I can say again I PR a WOD, because is not a matter of doing heavy and faster. The whole thing is to do it right. At least for me.

But all is good, I know I'm in the right path, and I'm so glad I cross my way with MAX.


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