Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 TO 1 + 20 minutes = knee pain

Today I had 2 WODs.

First one, 10 to 1 Jump-boxes (24"), Burpees and sit-ups. I row for 1000 meter to warm up and to try to see if my will improve with the heat... kind of...

I did the workout in 8:04, jumping like Jane wrote "jumping jacks".

I finished tired and need to lay down on the floor to catch my breath.

My knee is bothering me and I hope I can manage the 20 minutes run.

Next, 20 minutes on the treadmill, since with this snowstorm the run 10 minutes to one side turn around and run 10 more is a no go.

I ran warm up for 400mts. and then started running @ 7.5 to 7.8mph. The first 5 minutes my left knee really felt weird, like starting to feel some pain.

But after 5 minutes more I barely feel it.

I felt tired after the 15minutes and had to run @ 7.2mph - 7.5.

Total distance: 4.18km

Now I started feeling the pain again. I hope is nothing, anyway I already have a chiropractor appointment for tomorrow. NO way I will be able to do the lunges.

Today's data
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  1. Hope its nothing serious Ariel

  2. Knee pain sucks - hopefully it is nothing, but in case you need a good doctor, I have plenty of them.

  3. For me, knee pain always means something. Hope your injury heals quickly.