Sunday, February 21, 2010

1 of 2

Today I had 2 WOD, 2x50yds swim with :15 second rest and then a 2nd. WOD with step ups, box jumps, sit-ups and burpees.

I did the first one at noon. Best 50yds was 41 seconds, worst 48 seconds.

Felt good, very good.

Then I decided to do not attempt the 2nd WOD, I still feel a discomfort on my left knee, and since I have my 13.1 miles TT on Tuesday I will save my half leg for that moment. I'm afraid if I try to push it I will mess up my knee more.

I hope this is the right call.

Tomorrow is my day off. I will back with the 13.1 miles on Tuesday.



  1. I hope your knee is feeling better. You have a race coming up, so you better be careful - it would suck to not get to the starting line.

  2. Thank you Martin. My knee feels better and tomorrow I will test it, I have my 13.1 miles TT. I'm doing everything possible to be able to start the Half.