Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hi everyone! It's a pleasure and honor to be part of TriMax Team.

I will do my best to write in English even when is not my first language, please pardon any misspelling or type errors.

My goals for 2010 are:
  • Gator Half Ironman (Sarasota, Florida 03/21)
  • Ironman Japan (06/13).
Even when I practice sports big part of my life, for some reason the last 7 years I surrender to the TV and chips, not good at all!

But last year I decided to get my life back so I looked for a "high goal" in order to have motivation during the journey.

I've being training since June last year, lost 70+ pounds, went from potato coach to training for an Iroman... sounds crazy but it's exactly like that.

I enjoy everyday and I feel better than when I was in high school!, I'm almost 38 now.

Max is "the man" who help me to put my act together. He motivates me and teaches how to do the things right, with results and measurable data.

Enough introduction, here comes yesterday's workout

10K running outside - Really cold day (15ºF)!

I live near to route 202 (Litchfield CT) where the hills give you no excuse but push, push and push. Yesterday 10K was difficult and I was tired! I'm having a sore throat, but does is not an excuse... anyway I run the course and went back home with a 1:02:12, compare with my last 5K TT on a treadmill (25:33) I'm not happy with yesterdays results, but I will keep training until I can run faster and longer.

After 3 hours of rest, I hit Cindy at my garage, cold again 25ºF ! (I'm in the process to insulate the garage since I need a warmer place to train and YMCA is not exactly CROSSFIT friendly, I building my box at home).

Anyway, I did Cindy. 16 rounds... may be I could get one more but I was sore...

Today I woke up feeling like I played 3 Rugby matches in one day... every single part of my body was in pain, but after a couple of stretches I'm back for more...

I will write more later today.



  1. You are making me feel like a real slug. I was happy with 13 rounds of Cindy until I read yours and Dan's blogs. I definately need to pick it up. Japan? What made you pick Japan? I'm doing Lake Placid and am both excited and nervous about it at the same time.


  2. Hello Martin!

    13 is not bad at all! you have room from improvement.

    I picked Japan because US events sold out pretty quick and also always want to travel over there.

    I'm doing some research about how to prepare "mentally" and how to deal with the pre-race excitement... I will let you know what I found out.

    Very nice to meet you and keep the good work!