Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today I wake up feeling a little bit better, not 100% but much better.

Reiki session in the morning and off we go.

First WOD:
Swim 100yds, rest for that time, 200yds, rest for that time, 300yds, rest for that time. Warmed up with catch up drills.

100yds (2x50mts/4 laps) : 1:21
200yds (4x50mts/8 laps) : 3:10
300yds (6x50mts/12laps) : 4:46

At evening I did the Second WOD:
I didn't push it that hard and the result show it:

250 squats for time: 6:04

Now another question for the TRIMAX TEAM.

When you walk that dark and lonely path of questions, doubts, and without knowing what next, why I'm doing this, and all that silly but not silly questions...

What keeps you on track?
What's inside you motivates to get over it?

I'm sure of what I'm doing, just some days is harder than others...



  1. A thought provoking question. You ought to know better than this - of course I'm going to give my two cents.

    I checked my doubts at the door when I decided to do the ironman. Is it a big undertaking - you betcha!

    O.k., yes some days are harder than others - today for example was a hard swim session. My times were not as good as I would care for (certainly not as good as yours), but I pushed as hard as I could. When you can say that after a workout then you know you have succeeded.

    I don't doubt the protocol. Actually, some of these short workouts are more taxing than the three hour runs and four hour workouts I used to go on.

    As much as I'm trying to sound macho, yes doubts creep in here and there. Writing and reading the blogs certainly helps. I actually wish the blog community was a little bigger. If you know of any other training blogs out there please send me a link.

    Here is something that motivated me very recently. I read your blog about that day that everything seemed to go wrong. If there was ever a day that you had an excuse to miss a workout it was that day. Reading things like this is what gets me to the gym after a long day of work. If your are not going to use a crappy day as an excuse than neither am I.

  2. What keeps me going - everyday is different. On those training days where I feel defeated and 2nd guess myself as to whether I will cross that line in 16:59:59, I think about how far I have come and how mentally strong I have become. Those defeat days are great brain boosters. I heard someplace before my first (and only marathon) that the day was about 80% mental and 20% physical. After only having 2 - 90 minute runs under my belt before the race, that theory was confirmed for sure. I don't doubt the training plan at all and know mentally I will be able to pull out what I need on race day. I also hate the feeling of feeling guilty for missing a training session, so as bad and as tired as I feel, I just do it and it usually turns out to be one of the better sessions.

    And I don't think the pit in your stomach that you get after committing to a long distance race will ever go away - just more fuel for the fire I suppose

  3. Its like a roller-coaster this triathlon training - some days are good and others not so, you have to take the ups and downs as generally there are more ups than downs - what Martin said about that day when you had lots of reasons not to train and you still did - that's what you need to remember - you can do this

  4. Roller-coaster I like that!!!! Thank you everybody to share with me your thoughts.