Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday I decided to combined back to back 2 WOD.

I went to YMCA and Row 500m and Ran 400mts. x5 times.

Row average @ 2:00 minutes each and I ran @ 8.5mph on the treadmill (Run 1-4) and 9.5 run # 5.

The result.... I don't know because I swim immediately after that and the only time that I have in my watch memory is the last one, the swim one.

I remember was something like 20:32 or 21:32 not sure yet. Next time I will write right away.

The swim right away after the first WOD and men, it hurt really bad.
By the 3rd. lap I was breathing heavily and wishing it was over. I pushed it and finish it at 8:05.

Doing WOD back to back is really hard sometimes and I'm guessing not productive at all unless is an Rx'd.

Today WOD 50 Thrusters #75 and 30 minutes BIKE.

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