Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Since YMCA do not have Kettlebells I bring my own one.

Set it up near to the row machine and off we go.... with a little help from my ipod I enjoyed every second. Music, Crossfit and people starring at you like you just landed from mars... I love them... on the treadmills starring... whispering and looking like never saw nothing like that...

Today I did:

500mts. row + 50 reps. 20lb KB
500mts. row + 40 reps. 20lb KB
500mts. row + 30 reps. 20lb KB
500mts. row + 20 reps. 20lb KB
500mts. row + 10 reps. 20lb KB

Always trying to keep less than 31 strokes, more than 180watts and full range of motion according to crossfit rowing standard.

Then went to the locker and directly to the pool to swim 800yd=732mts=30 laps
Time: 12:47. Feelt good, a litle tired but good overall.

After a quick shower, I went to the chiropractor. I'm doing one session a week since I found out my insurance (CIGNA) cover up to 30 visits a year.

Dr. Erin Peck Maziarz work on me to "align" my bones and also muscles involved in this grueling training.

I started last December and at first felt weird since I start noticing more muscle sore, but then I realized I was more aware of what was going on my body. Now I can tell you guys is the best thing ever.

Take care everyone.

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