Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Long and strong...

Today I went to YMCA to the 2nd. workout of the day. 800yds.(15x50mts or 30 laps).

I felt tired at moments and I push hard to keep the pace and always with Max voice inside my head telling me strokes need to be long and strong...and if Max says it, we do it.

Total time 12:36.

I know I need to try to improve my pace as well to be able to hold prolengued stroke intensity.

Tomorrow bike and deadlift, MADMAX Style.


  1. I also had a 800yd swim yesterday and did 32 laps - each length of the pool is 25, right?

  2. Yes, I'm assuming YMCA pool is 25mts. each lap.

    800yds= 731.52mts
    divided 25= 29.26
    rounded to 30