Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love my new balls!

No! I do not had any surgical o estetic operation :)

Yesterday I received 3 new Dymamax medicine balls, just on time for today's first WOD.

400mts run + 20 24"jumpbox+ 20 ballwalls @20lb all 5 times for time.

The WOD was intensive and at moments I have to stop to get a hold on my breath.

22:40 was the result.

I'm feeling better after finish my treatmeant of 6 days @ 2 pills of antibiotics a day.

Zoning and taking fish oil+ vitamins from

After the workout a visit to Dr. Erin (chiropractic) align myself and feel great today!

Still pending bike 12 times 1mile sprints resting 1 minute between. Looking foward to do it!

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  1. Where did you get the medicine balls? I looked at Dicks and Sports Authority and did not find what I needed.

  2. Martin,, Jim Cawley is a great guy!

    Take a little bit to arrive but was worth the waiting. I had a "20lb hard medicine ball" and is a piece of garbage compare with the dynamax, by far the best ones.