Thursday, January 7, 2010

TABATA BIKE 32X :20 :10

Today I did the Tabata work.

I don't feel good about it at all. Why?

Previous tabata was 24 times: distance covered 9.69km
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for TABATA BIKE 24X :20 :10

Today's tabata was 32 times: distance covered 9.18km
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for TABATA BIKE 32X :20 :10

Couple of thing I learn comparing with the previous tabata (24x) shown above:
(some of them pretty obvious)
  • If you don't pedal when you rest the 10 seconds affect the total distance covered.
  • If you don't push you don't get results (obvious but I'm my case today comparing the data between exercises I just realize it)
  • If you don't feel good and you push it being sick, results are awful.
  • Control the equipment before start (my trainer made strange noises, the back tire need to be inflated, etc.)
Going to bed with the a sour feeling...

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