Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't waste your energy

Yesterday was a bad day.

I wake up early to leave my daughter at dance class and in the hour I have I tried to do Fran.

95lb. thrusters seams like tons to me, my arms hurt, my elvows, just everything hurt and the garage was 10 degrees. Too cold.

I decided to call it off, since I don't want an injury.

Then I picked up my daughter and went to a meeting in Bristol. The meeting end it in a big argument with my partner and his wife, not good.

I went to Target, BJ's and wash the car and a come home feeling like a have no energy at all.

I tried with coffee, some food but nothing seems to work, I was still thinking on the meeting and the bad energy I received.

Then I realized I was tired, mad and with no mood to do nothing.

I decided to call the day OFF.


Even when I don't like it at all, I need to calm down and don't exercise with a bad vibe, because if I do it, knowing myself, I will ended up associating that bad mod with the effort, and that was not the case.

I was mad with myself to allow people to get me and do not be able to get it over and feel better.

I tried to reach inside for extra energy but I fail. I let down Trimax team on the WOD. Sorry.

The lesson is walk away from things that do not add. Don't let anybody tell you what to do or when to do it (except MAX of course).

I will keep working on listen more what my guts tell me and don't do anything unless I feel it, or sooner or later you re greet it.


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself - but I like what you discovered - put yourself first as best you can and ignore all the stupid people around you - and there are plenty of them!

  2. Sometimes not working out is better than working out - you need your head in the right place and you haven't let anyone down