Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today I wake up feeling a little bit better, not 100% but much better.

Reiki session in the morning and off we go.

First WOD:
Swim 100yds, rest for that time, 200yds, rest for that time, 300yds, rest for that time. Warmed up with catch up drills.

100yds (2x50mts/4 laps) : 1:21
200yds (4x50mts/8 laps) : 3:10
300yds (6x50mts/12laps) : 4:46

At evening I did the Second WOD:
I didn't push it that hard and the result show it:

250 squats for time: 6:04

Now another question for the TRIMAX TEAM.

When you walk that dark and lonely path of questions, doubts, and without knowing what next, why I'm doing this, and all that silly but not silly questions...

What keeps you on track?
What's inside you motivates to get over it?

I'm sure of what I'm doing, just some days is harder than others...


Don't waste your energy

Yesterday was a bad day.

I wake up early to leave my daughter at dance class and in the hour I have I tried to do Fran.

95lb. thrusters seams like tons to me, my arms hurt, my elvows, just everything hurt and the garage was 10 degrees. Too cold.

I decided to call it off, since I don't want an injury.

Then I picked up my daughter and went to a meeting in Bristol. The meeting end it in a big argument with my partner and his wife, not good.

I went to Target, BJ's and wash the car and a come home feeling like a have no energy at all.

I tried with coffee, some food but nothing seems to work, I was still thinking on the meeting and the bad energy I received.

Then I realized I was tired, mad and with no mood to do nothing.

I decided to call the day OFF.


Even when I don't like it at all, I need to calm down and don't exercise with a bad vibe, because if I do it, knowing myself, I will ended up associating that bad mod with the effort, and that was not the case.

I was mad with myself to allow people to get me and do not be able to get it over and feel better.

I tried to reach inside for extra energy but I fail. I let down Trimax team on the WOD. Sorry.

The lesson is walk away from things that do not add. Don't let anybody tell you what to do or when to do it (except MAX of course).

I will keep working on listen more what my guts tell me and don't do anything unless I feel it, or sooner or later you re greet it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Starway to hell

Today WOD was on the treadmill 10% incline 1 minute on, 1 minute off x 10 times.

I started with 10 minute warm-up 3 to 5% incline @ 3.5mph. the hell started

1st. interval @ 9.0 mph (I thought I will be able to hold this pace)
2nd. interval @ 8.8 mph (here is when I realized that I was soo naive thinking I can hold that pace)
3rd. interval @ 8.5 mph
4th. interval @ 8.2 - 8.5mhp (my heart start pumping like out of control)
5th. interval @ 8.0 mph (are we there yet?...)
6th. interval @ 7.5-7.8 mph (I couldn't even think at this point)
7th. interval @ 7.5 mph (I need O2)
8th. interval @ 7.5 mph (Why I'm doing this?)
9th. interval @ 7.2 mph (Just 2 more intervals and you are officially in hell)
10th. interval @ 7.5 mph (last one come on! that's what I was thinking at that point)

Oh men, that was hard or at least I pushed hard.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Excuses, Excuses, Pain, more excuses and more pain...

Today I'm full of excuses, sorry teammates.

I started the day with a lot of leg pain, and really sore everywhere, even my soul hurt... :)

I managed to do the 5-5-5-5-5 dead lift even when my hands were bleeding. I have blisters product of yesterday's 5k row ... courtesy of MADMAX INC.

1)45+(45x2)+(35x2)= 205 lb.
2)45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)= 255 lb.
3)45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x2)= 275 lb.
4)45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x2)+(10x2)= 295 lb.
5)45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x2)+(10x2)= 295 lb.

To continue complaining, my wife is on a business trip for a week, I'm taking care of my daughter (5 years old), the dog, the house, the meals, bath and bed time, etc. etc.

On top of everything I had a meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY 120 miles from my house, round-trip 5 1/2 hours of pure highway pleasure, and don't forget today snow all the way in and out.

In the middle of the meeting I received a phone call that the school where my daughter goes was calling the day at noon, and here I am 120 miles away from the school....

Lucky me, another teacher/friend of us bring Juliet with her until I arrived.

When I was at home I need to snowplow my driveway. I get stuck on the side of my driveway, and my truck hanging from the trees. Yes like a movie, the driveway was an ice-ring and almost felt from the mountain down... and I was thinking: now I need to solve this, feed my daughter, the dog, etc. etc AND, AND.... DO THE 2ND. WOD OF THE DAY....

YES THAT WAS IN MY MIND, EVEN WHEN I HAVE MY TRUCK HANGING FROM THE MOUNTAIN I was thinking on the 2min. stand/ 1min. sit on my bike for 10 times...

I start cutting some threes, try to move the truck and nothing, worse the truck was getting closer and closer to the trees and to free falling down. The chain saw run out of gas, the chain get lose, I couldn't see anything and...

And, the WOD still not done.

My good neighbor Dave was taking out the garbage and came to my rescue. With some ropes and the car we manage to move the track from the edge.

Still don't check the left side of my truck to see the aftermath of the Holiday on ice... I hope is nothing big...

OK, enough storytelling and down to business. Almost...

Went inside home, basement, bike... no legs and sore everywhere... and...

And, the WOD still not done.

In my mind I was thinking, what if I skip this WOD, I have plenty excuses...

But you know what, there is always good excuses in life to skip WOD, so I decided to finish the 2nd. MADMAX WOD.

I manage to do it close to my last result even when I couldn't felt my legs and was tired, too tired.

But, at the end of the day the balance is very good.

Had a good meeting, my daughter is a really good girl, the dog pee outside, the truck is in the garage, the WOD is done and I have health, love, food and a roof.

What else I can ask for?

Results posted below

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 2min. stand 1min.sit x 10

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 30 Minutes Bike

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 20K for time

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Long and strong...

Today I went to YMCA to the 2nd. workout of the day. 800yds.(15x50mts or 30 laps).

I felt tired at moments and I push hard to keep the pace and always with Max voice inside my head telling me strokes need to be long and strong...and if Max says it, we do it.

Total time 12:36.

I know I need to try to improve my pace as well to be able to hold prolengued stroke intensity.

Tomorrow bike and deadlift, MADMAX Style.

Intermittent fasting

Does anybody try Intermittent fasting?

Is possible to do it even when training hard?

Any book or good source to consult?


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5k row for time.

Today I row 5K for time. Most of the time @2:00/500mts, I try to push it all the time but was hard to keep the 1:45/500mts.

Total time: 5k@19:49.

Felt good to row!!!!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

300 squats for time

Yesterday was my day off. Yes!!!! I enjoy the rest after almost 20 days non-stop.

Today I row for 1K to warm up and then I did the 300 squats for time @ 8:22.

I almost not make it from the basement to the 1st. floor, the legs felt like they don't want to move anymore, but after the shower everything was fine.

A couple of downward dog for stretching... and tomorrow will be another day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

15lb is a lot!

I setup eveything for the 1st. WOD - #75lb x 50 thrusters for time.

Bar = 45lb + 2x25lb = 95lb, I did 20 with this setup and need to stop because was too heavy! Then I realize Max prescribed 75lb not 95lb!!!!

Those 15lb felt heavier than 150! I load the bar with 2x10 and 2x2.5 and off we go again, this time for real.

I manage to do 20, 10, 10 and 10 @ 3:20.



Don't seem like a big difference, but try to do it to feel what I'm taking about.


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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today bike WOD was 30 minutes for distance.

I pushed more than the last time and the payoff was better. 2.7 kilometers more than the last time.

Now my question is: How more you can push, how deep you can go before you blow up?

Seems like every time when the conditions are good (I'm not seek or too tired) I can push it a little more, but I'm a little afraid of blow it because of pushing too hard (injuries, etc.)

What's your opinions? Ideas?

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 30 Minutes Bike

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 20K for time


Yesterday I decided to combined back to back 2 WOD.

I went to YMCA and Row 500m and Ran 400mts. x5 times.

Row average @ 2:00 minutes each and I ran @ 8.5mph on the treadmill (Run 1-4) and 9.5 run # 5.

The result.... I don't know because I swim immediately after that and the only time that I have in my watch memory is the last one, the swim one.

I remember was something like 20:32 or 21:32 not sure yet. Next time I will write right away.

The swim right away after the first WOD and men, it hurt really bad.
By the 3rd. lap I was breathing heavily and wishing it was over. I pushed it and finish it at 8:05.

Doing WOD back to back is really hard sometimes and I'm guessing not productive at all unless is an Rx'd.

Today WOD 50 Thrusters #75 and 30 minutes BIKE.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I felt good on the bike, even when it was @ the basement :)

Jump on the bike and with a little help from the Ipod I manage to have fun doing it.

I push it a little bit more than the last time and I did:

1st. 5k @ 5:58
2nd. 5k @ 6:24

Went to the chiropractor early today and Dr. Erin manage to almost get rid of the knee pain, she is REALLY GOOD!

Today data: Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 5k rest 3minutes 5k
Last 20k: Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 20K for time

Double Trouble

Yesterday I did the 20 boxjumps+20squats+20pushups+1mile x2 times.

Felt good overall except for the running, which first mile I ran @8.2mph in the treadmill but the 2nd run I did it @7.2-7.5mph and I had to really push it.

Then at evening I did 50burpees for time which I had pending from Monday. TRT: 2:55

Felt good overall!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today I woke up like a train hit me during the night.

After yesterday 15K I'm feeling beat up, really sore everywhere.

Anyway, today at morning I went to the pool for my first WOD of the day. 1000yds (18x50mts) laps for time. Warm-up for 100mts and then I swim as hard as I can for 18x50laps.

Result 15:45.

After I finish my work day I try to do the 5-5-5-5-5 Back-squats

1) 45+(45x2)= 135lb
2) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)=205lb I just completed 1 before I threw the weight to the front.

re-rack and try it again...

2) 45+(45x2)+(25x2)=185lb.
4) 45+(45x2)+(25x2)+(5x2)=195lb.

I did not manage to do my PR 205lb. maybe next time.

Looking for more pain tomorrow, with Max WOD, even when I don't know what I will be doing, is warranted that I will be calling his name doing it.... :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today

Today when I wake up, reviewing this week training plan I find out that Max prescribe 15k for tomorrow.

I don't really remember when was the last time I run 15k non-stop for time.

Since the weather was warmer than other days I decided to run today.

I felt good, very good. I tried to keep up a good pace even after the 10k when my lower body entered in a numb zone, not bad but just unfamiliar sensation.

I tried to push at the end but I need more legs...

Overall I felt very good, bit up but happy. I know I have to keep training and pushing myself but being able to run 15k non-stop give me a reason to focus on the long run.

I will rest for a couple of hours and then 50 burpees for time...

Training with Max is like being inside Mad Max (the movie), never stop... :)

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 15K for time
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 15K for time

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Double WOD

Today I had 2 WOD.

Swim 200yds (4x50mts) + 10 push ups+ 10 squat x 5 times - FOR TIME.

I did it in 20:38.

All under the watchfully eyes of some other people at the pool who look at me like I was absolutely out of my mind, but hey, I maybe...

Later I did the tabata WOD 32x
(knee push ups+squats+situps+burpees), I enjoyed a lot! Even the last burpees I was breathing into the floor looking for help :(

Pictured my whiteboard with some data.

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20K for time

Was a nice bike WOD in the basement, without pushing to hard due to a slightly pain on my left knee.

Looking forward to improve my bike times.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 20K for time

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Biggest loser feeling

One Year ago I was watching TV and eating...

With the excuse that outside was cold, icy and other things, I keep lying to myself and piling pounds.

Today my wife, daughter a friend and I went out to try out our snowshoes.

The plan was to go out and walk on ice, but when I saw the frozen pond I decided to jog/run around it. I did it!!!

When I finished the loop the feeling was awesome!!!! I imagine it's similar to the biggest loser sensation.

To celebrate I did a couple of burpees and squats with the snowshoes on.

Later I will post my 20k bike TT.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 ----> HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM

Today I wake up with pain on my left knee, and old pain which just emerge again today.

After I couple of stretches and wondering if I should do or not the 1st. WOD today, I hit the basement with music courtesy of OZZY OSBOURNE.

While listening, NO MORE TEARS (1991), I manage to do the workout, even when every time I squat i felt pain, but for more 7 years I grab myself to every conceivable excuse and that lead me to... nowhere!

Total time 7:24

Still thinking about the 1 mile run, 8 minutes rest x4 times this evening...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

12 x (1.6km or 1mile) bike intervals

I did the intervals late today.

My legs still hurt! Overall I think it was good, but I have to talk with Max about how to understand this data, in order to make sense and also to start taking about strategies on race day.

Why? Today I use only one gear all the time (the hardest one, the smallest on the back, the biggest on the pedals), is that the right way to do it? You I pedal more or less?

If you see the data below you will notice that sometimes with less cadence I had less time on the interval, i remember I was trying to apply the same concept that we use for swimming: LONG AND STRONG for the strokes.

Anyway, is 1:31am and I don't want to go to deep into this, until I understand a little bit more all this numbers.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 1.6km (1mile) x 12 times

I love my new balls!

No! I do not had any surgical o estetic operation :)

Yesterday I received 3 new Dymamax medicine balls, just on time for today's first WOD.

400mts run + 20 24"jumpbox+ 20 ballwalls @20lb all 5 times for time.

The WOD was intensive and at moments I have to stop to get a hold on my breath.

22:40 was the result.

I'm feeling better after finish my treatmeant of 6 days @ 2 pills of antibiotics a day.

Zoning and taking fish oil+ vitamins from

After the workout a visit to Dr. Erin (chiropractic) align myself and feel great today!

Still pending bike 12 times 1mile sprints resting 1 minute between. Looking foward to do it!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today I PR on my deadlift! I'm happy!

1) 135 =Bar + 90 (45x2)
2) 205 =Bar + 90 (45x2)+ 70(35x2)
3) 255 =Bar + 90 (45x2)+ 70(35x2) + 50(25x2)
4) 295 =Bar + 90 (45x4) + 70(35x2)
5) 315=Bar + 90 (45x6)
6) 325=Bar + 90 (45x6) + 70(10x2)
7) fail at 365=Bar + 90 (45x6) + 70(25x2)
8) 325 =Bar + 90 (45x6) + 70(10x2)

Pool closed for the 1000yds. Moved to sarurday WOD.

I'm at the point I'm thinking all the time in Crossfit, It's absolutely addictive!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today WOD - 5K for time + 5-5-5-5-5 Backsquats pending from Sunday

After dressing up to go downstairs to the treadmill (compression tights and running shoes) all in Black, plus good old school hard rock, I decided to tackle down my weak sport of the 3.
Running- this line in tone with Jersey Shore comments :)

Running for me always was related to punishment. "Run 20 more fields because someone drop the ball" (RUGBY or WATER-POLO) or just because the coach argues with his wife that morning, in any case running was always relate to suffer, at least to me.

But since I meat Max, I've being running with other mindset, learning how to run and trying to get rid of all bad memories and habits.

So far, some days work, some days just don't, but the average until now is more than good.

Today, for example I shave almost 2 minutes since my last 5k, not enough to beat Mike 21:30 but enough to make my day!

Thanks everyone for sharing your life, the reading is just great.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 5K FOR TIME

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today before starting my WOD I had 1 GU energy gel in order to start testing my theory that may be my poor perfofance in the bike yesterday not only was base on my sickness but also because I didn't have the GU CHOMPS that I had last time.

So today I had a GU Gel before I went swimming to do the 12x50meters.

In some way, seems to work, I felt with energy and pushing thru.

Right after I went to do the 400mts ROW + 15 push ups x4.

I really push thru this WOD, the result was a 11:34 minutes. I don't have previous data to compare with, so I don't know if it's good or not.

My question to the GO TRIMAX TEAM is:

Do you take anything?
If yes, how affects you?
Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

40k for time

Today I did the WOD in my basement for 40k, awful! tired, tired, tired.

I think (or better said, I want to think) is related to my sickness and because I'm taking antibiotics that today's 40k was almost 10 minutes more than a week ago.

I felt not motivated, and pushing and fighting the bike all the time for almost 40k.

The dead lift and rowing for 1000 mts. didn't happened, the gym close @ 6pm on Saturdays and I realized at 5;30pm.

maybe was a good thing....

I did a little YOGA for 20min. in order to strech and relax for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow will be a new day and everything will be better...

today's data posted here:
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 40k for time

last 40k:
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for 40k for time

Friday, January 8, 2010

RUN 200MTS, 400MTS, 800MTS, 400MTS, 200MTS

Here today's WOD

Another underestimation, I thought will be a peace of cake and I ended up grabbing the treadmill :)

Good workout, intense.

* 200 mts. warmup
1) 200 mts. running @ 9.8mph /200mts. rest @ 4.0 mph
2) 400 mts. running @ 9.8mph /400mts. rest @ 4.0 mph
3) 800 mts. running @ 9.2mph / 800mts. rest @ 4.0 mp
4) 400 mts. running @ 9.8mph /400mts. rest @ 4.0 mph
5) 200 mts. running @ 9.8mph
6) 200mts. rest @ 4.0 mph

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for RUN 200MTS, 400MTS, 800MTS, 400MTS, 200MTS

Yoga after for 20 @ home.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

TABATA BIKE 32X :20 :10

Today I did the Tabata work.

I don't feel good about it at all. Why?

Previous tabata was 24 times: distance covered 9.69km
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for TABATA BIKE 24X :20 :10

Today's tabata was 32 times: distance covered 9.18km
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for TABATA BIKE 32X :20 :10

Couple of thing I learn comparing with the previous tabata (24x) shown above:
(some of them pretty obvious)
  • If you don't pedal when you rest the 10 seconds affect the total distance covered.
  • If you don't push you don't get results (obvious but I'm my case today comparing the data between exercises I just realize it)
  • If you don't feel good and you push it being sick, results are awful.
  • Control the equipment before start (my trainer made strange noises, the back tire need to be inflated, etc.)
Going to bed with the a sour feeling...


Today I wake up really tired and feeling really bad, with sore throat and kind of at the edge of some illness, but after a little Reiki and EFT ( i managed to start working and day dreaming about how to approach today's first work out 3-3-3-3-3 deadlift

At 2:30pm I decided to face the reality and hit my garage box, for another cold session (it's 30-35ºF at my place).

At this moment I was trying to avoid the work out and thinking that I can use any excuse to do so, but something inside propel me directly to the fact that I like this and no matter what if I want to be an Ironman I have to deal face to face with any circumstance, even pain, excuses or mind games...

I did a partial CROSSFIT warm-up prescribed in the website and them loaded the bar.

3 rounds of 10-15 reps of
Samson Stretch (do the Samson Stretch once each round for 15-30 seconds)
Overhead Squat with broomstick

1) Bar=45 + 90 (45 each side plates) = 135lb
2) Bar=45 + 160 (45+35 each side plates) = 205lb
3) Bar=45 + 210 (45+35+25 each side plates) = 255lb
4) Bar=45 + 230 (45+35+25+10 each side plates) = 275lb
5) Bar=45 + 250 (45+35+25+20 each side plates) = 295lb

Fail @ 315 (trying to add 2-10lb plates on each side)

And now a question for you guys?

What motivates you to be an Ironman, what's exactly help you in those dark moments of doubt or when your mind start with a "why are you doing this game...."

More later today after tabata bike...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Since YMCA do not have Kettlebells I bring my own one.

Set it up near to the row machine and off we go.... with a little help from my ipod I enjoyed every second. Music, Crossfit and people starring at you like you just landed from mars... I love them... on the treadmills starring... whispering and looking like never saw nothing like that...

Today I did:

500mts. row + 50 reps. 20lb KB
500mts. row + 40 reps. 20lb KB
500mts. row + 30 reps. 20lb KB
500mts. row + 20 reps. 20lb KB
500mts. row + 10 reps. 20lb KB

Always trying to keep less than 31 strokes, more than 180watts and full range of motion according to crossfit rowing standard.

Then went to the locker and directly to the pool to swim 800yd=732mts=30 laps
Time: 12:47. Feelt good, a litle tired but good overall.

After a quick shower, I went to the chiropractor. I'm doing one session a week since I found out my insurance (CIGNA) cover up to 30 visits a year.

Dr. Erin Peck Maziarz work on me to "align" my bones and also muscles involved in this grueling training.

I started last December and at first felt weird since I start noticing more muscle sore, but then I realized I was more aware of what was going on my body. Now I can tell you guys is the best thing ever.

Take care everyone.


Hi everyone! It's a pleasure and honor to be part of TriMax Team.

I will do my best to write in English even when is not my first language, please pardon any misspelling or type errors.

My goals for 2010 are:
  • Gator Half Ironman (Sarasota, Florida 03/21)
  • Ironman Japan (06/13).
Even when I practice sports big part of my life, for some reason the last 7 years I surrender to the TV and chips, not good at all!

But last year I decided to get my life back so I looked for a "high goal" in order to have motivation during the journey.

I've being training since June last year, lost 70+ pounds, went from potato coach to training for an Iroman... sounds crazy but it's exactly like that.

I enjoy everyday and I feel better than when I was in high school!, I'm almost 38 now.

Max is "the man" who help me to put my act together. He motivates me and teaches how to do the things right, with results and measurable data.

Enough introduction, here comes yesterday's workout

10K running outside - Really cold day (15ºF)!

I live near to route 202 (Litchfield CT) where the hills give you no excuse but push, push and push. Yesterday 10K was difficult and I was tired! I'm having a sore throat, but does is not an excuse... anyway I run the course and went back home with a 1:02:12, compare with my last 5K TT on a treadmill (25:33) I'm not happy with yesterdays results, but I will keep training until I can run faster and longer.

After 3 hours of rest, I hit Cindy at my garage, cold again 25ºF ! (I'm in the process to insulate the garage since I need a warmer place to train and YMCA is not exactly CROSSFIT friendly, I building my box at home).

Anyway, I did Cindy. 16 rounds... may be I could get one more but I was sore...

Today I woke up feeling like I played 3 Rugby matches in one day... every single part of my body was in pain, but after a couple of stretches I'm back for more...

I will write more later today.