Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skydiving is a hard WOD

Today I went back to the DZ (drop zone) to keep training in order to get my license to jump...

Did 2 jumps (Cat B and C1). This is it! I love skydiving. The altitude, the rush, the fear, your mind going crazy... it's all good! Amazing! I'm so happy that I'm doing it. It's like a moving meditation.

Anyway, after expending most of the day on the DZ I came back home and had a pending WOD, which I almost skip... due to a mental and physical exaustion... but i pull it out

run 400m, 50 squats, 10 burpees, 4X for time. Felt tired and not in the mood but keep pushing until the end. Total time: 17:56


1st. WOD I did it at noon over route 63. Little hot day but good overall.

Push it a little and tried to be at maximum HR possible.

Total distance: 6.71miles

2ND. WOD. 5-5-5-5-5 back squat.

1) 45+90=135lb
2) 45+90+90=225lb
3) 45+90+90+20=245lb
3) 45+90+90+20=245lb
3) 45+90+90+20=245lb

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 feets over, but feels like 6 feet under...

Today's WOD: 10 box jumps, 10 squats, 10 lunges (5 per leg), AMRAP in 20 mins. Decided to use the 36" (3 feet) jump box. Oh men...

Started the clock and started to suffer. Vertical jump on top of the best... all good was so fun. Just to keep focus and don't busted myself with the edge (I did it once and now I have a cut on my knee).

Just the mental focus to jump on top is worthy the WOD.

Did 12 rounds in 19:51. One after I finished I start to feeling on my legs. Like a general pain and numb.. I will use this boxes from now on...



Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Long day today. 1st. WOD: 100 ft walking lunge, 10 burpees, 25 sit ups, 3X for time. I actually did 4x instead of the 3x. Total time: 8:40 I did it on the side of the parking lot on the grass. Felt good to be outside...

Inmediately after that went upstairs grab the 20lb vest and went for the 5km run.

I enjoyed very much! Listening to old hair hard rock music, running on route 202 towards home felt very good and helped to carry the weight.

I'm happy with the result since I shaved 2 minutes 03 seconds from my last 5km run on the same route almost at the same conditions (weather). Total time: 29:56 today.


I visit the chiropractor and get a well needed aligment after landing on my but...

After the aligment felt better and also keep using the "grid" to easy the disconfort.

1st. WOD: 30 mins bike TT, note distance, 70% effort. Distance: 9.03 miles.

2nd. WOD: 100 burpees for time (65% effort) did it at 6pm. Total time: 6:45.

NO Yoga this week and I'm starting to missed it. Need to make time to start a routine again.


Monday, August 9, 2010

It hurts... but not enough to quit!

Sunday I woke up with a pretty intense pain on my lower left back side...

Went to the pool for my 1st. WOD to see how it feels and test If I can do the 2nd. WOD.

1st. WOD swim 1x100, 2x200, 3x300, 1x400, rest same time as efforts, note times, all 70%

Felt good but I was feeling pain on my lower back. Times: 1)1:31 2)3:13 3)4:55 4)6:44

Then went with my family to have launch.

At 7pm I did the 2nd. WOD: row 500m, 10 pull ups, 10 push ups, 4X for time, it hurt when I was rowing and on the pull ups (which I did on 3 to 5reps max. Total time: 16:12.

After the last WOD I lay-down on the floor and used the Trigger point roller and ball, that helps a lot! A lot! the pain do not went away totally but really helped.


Friday off. On Saturday I was planning to do the 40miles @ 70% and the wall-balls, but my college yoga teacher/ skydive instructor urge me to show up at the drop-zone to finish my Cat A training in order to move on with the skydive training.

Windy at the drop zone so we wait for hours until we were clear to go.

There are no words to describe how good feels to jump from a plane by myself (with the help of Ariel & Kristin, Sky master who dive by your side just in case you panic and don't open the chute). We jumped from 12,000 and practiced altitude awareness, practiced pulls and then at 6,000 lock on and at 5,500 open. What a ride...

Then was guided by walkie-talkie with instructions on how to enter to pattern and land.

For some reason I landed to hard (still learning, remember is my first jump....) so I landed really hard on my butt. (see picture below)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Row, Burpees and Bike

Today 1st. WOD 15 burpees, 250m row, 12 burpees, 250m row, 9 burpees, 250m row, for time. Felt good. Total time: 5:45 Done by 6PM.

Inmediately after that I grab my bike and from the studio went to route 63, back to 4 and to town. Felt good and was hard to keep down to hard rate to the 70% prescribed. Since there are hills around here when you climb the heart rate spikes to 80-85%.

2nd. WOd bike 2 miles rest 1 min, bike 4 miles rest 2 mins, bike 6 miles, rest 3 mins, bike 8 miles, everything 70%.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We usually talked about training-recovery and nutrition, but last night I didn't sleep more than 5 hours.

Today I started early with a class at the studio, then 3 back to back tele-classes (coach U - life coach).

Went to the YMCA to swim and I decided to brick the 2 WODs prescribed for today.

First WOD 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 dead-lift at 65%. Didn't have the log with me to calculate 65% so I did:

1) 45+90=135lb
2) 45+90+90=225lb
3-7) 45+90+90+90=315lb

Straight to the pool to swim the 400yds at 65%. Felt good to be back in the water. I wish we had lanes at IMLP :)

Still feeling my legs from yesterdays ran with the vest :)


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Time invested is not time wasted... :)

Today I switch WODs because of the rain (did not want to bike 40 miles on the rain).

Did the WOD run 400m, 50 squats, run 800m, 50 squats, run 1600m, 50 squats, but with a little spice 20lb VEST (just received from Again Faster). Total time: 20:05

Oh men! That was something else. But fun! I love it! Also used the metronome and the Innov8 (sounds like an infomercial right?)... just keeping track of what I used...

Anyway, went with Juliet to Litchfield Park and ran on the track. Enjoy it and the VEST is something I will try to use when running WOD are prescribed. Just to be more prepare for the next time...

After the WOD we went to the studio and while I used the foam roller Juliet was practicing muscle ups :)

Garmin data:
run 400m, 50 squats, run 800m, 50 squats, run 1600m, 50 squats (20LB VEST) by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

FRAN @ 65% & 15 MINUTES @ 70%

After a couple of bike rides and recovery WODs this week I'm back to business or kind of...

1st. WOD Fran @ 65%. Prescribed thrusters @ 45lb (bar) and assisted pull ups (red band). Total time 6:46. Pull ups where hard and broke it down in groups of 5.

2nd. WOD I ran 15 minutes toward home, keeping the heart rate at 70%. Uphills the heart rate went a little up (82%)

Felt great to be back. I used the Innov8 to start practicing again POSE.

One of my goals is to workout and train more aware of my heart rate and going all the way in every time.

Garmin data on the run:
15 MINUTES @ 70% by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

45 minutes EZ ride

Clean my bike, lube the chain and with the race-wheels still on it, and some of the IMLP stickers still on the frame I went for an easy ride to close the studio and back home.

Felt so good, riding trough the hills and revisiting on my head all the moments that just happened. I feel awesome and wondering why I'm not in pain and walking with a stick... or I know why. CFE!!!!

You're an Ironman now what?

Drove from Lake Placid straight to the studio to teach 2 privates.

After that I did the WOD of the day.

3X of 10 reps of each push ups, KB swings (35lb), pull ups (with band), GHDs, hip extensions. Felt good, actually afterward felt better that before...

Went home and rest for a while.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I want to start thanking: MAX the best coach ever, my family (Nilda and Juliet who were there the whole day) and my family abroad who follow me trough internet. TriMax Team and friends. Special thanks to Dan Belmonte who introduced me to Team Cindy and gave me this wonderful opportunity.

Wearing this beautiful medal everything feels different so I want to try to remember every single part of this dream (which for moments felt like a nightmare...)

Everything started here while I was watching this...

On July 25th 2009 I decided to do an Ironman after watching Ironman Kona 2008. I google for coach to help to train and I find the best.

I meet with Master Yoda for the first time at the end of September of 2009 and started training in October.

After 5 month of training and 85 pound less, In March I did my first ever triathlon a Half Ironman. I did good and felt great.

Then everything I was training and preparing everything for my first ever Ironman @ Japan. But life, unpredictable, decided that Ironman Japan needs to be canceled and found myself trying to understand what just happened, and now what?

Thanks to Dan Belmonte I meet Christina from Team Cindy who invited my to join their team and be at Ironman Lake Placid.

After months for training last week was really peaceful. I felt in absolute peace and really happy about the whole thing. Arrived at Lake Placid on Thursday, registered and wondering around.

Then I went to Liz and Bullet house (friends who live @ WIllmington, 15 miles out of Lake Placid).

On Saturday I went to Team Cindy breakfast. Great group of people and a lot of good energy. I even (without knowing it) seat my the side of Michael Phelps sister! Then I did the prescribed 20/20/20 from Max house, check in my bike and gear and wait for the big day.

Woke at 2:45am and could not sleep anymore. Was raining and a little cold. My wife and daughter were still sleeping.

At 4am we all headed to town, I was one of the first to get body mark, pump my bike and check everything for the last time. Then went to the swim start.

Little by little the place was getting crowded and crowded, people wondering around like ants and from all over the place. I started to get worried, but still calm.

Around 6:35 Erica and I went to the water and start moving around. Then the first big mistake of mine. I position myself too close to the front group. Waited on the water kicking and wondering what's next...

Then 7:00:00 the race started and I founded myself in Panic mode, people grab my legs, pull me down, swim me over, I swallow half of the lake and the wetsuit started to feel 3 sizes smaller, couldn't breath and for a a while I felt, it's over...

Started swimming chest and trying to calm down, breathing, doing anything to keep it together, nothing seems to work... I started looking for a kayak (volunteers) just in case... then I told myself "you can do this, just put your dam head into the water and start swimming. I did just that, whit a mental image of my wife and daughter waiving for my from the balcony, like everything will be alright, but with other 2,000 + people around was hard, really hard.

First red bouy (turning point) I had a cramp, big one. And immediately started to panic again, but this time with a little more experience I decided to put my head down and just swim, I keep thinking I can do this in 2 hours and 20 minutes, and I was determined to do it.

First lap felt like 1 year or longer. Once on land again I looked at the clock and I can not believe it, 50 minutes! My slowest time ever... run trough the sand and into the water again. Second lap I push harder and seems to work, 36 minutes was the time.

Once I finish the swim part everything was better, the crowd was more scattered and with the help of volunteers which toke my wetsuit of the fun started...

I did T1 outside the tent since inside was to crowded, grab my bike and turn on my garmin... bad luck, even when I charged the night before, for some reason was out of batteries and died before I can even mount my bike.

Was raining constantly and the descent from the high school was crowded. Once on route 73 I felt better and with a feeling of I can do this...

On my way downhill on route 73 I had a blast. While everyone was breaking on the rain, I decided to push all in, aero position and lets rock and roll, what a thrill! Maximum speed all the way down. Was raining hard and the tire thread was not clearing out all the water, but what the hell, now or never...

At Wilmington my daughter, wife and Liz was cheering for me from the side of the road, that gave my extra fuel to keep going.

Firs loop on the bike felt awesome. I still remember really clear when I reach downtown and everybody was cheering, felt so good and emotional, I almost cried like a baby... Then the downhill again and more fun.

When I stopped to pee before the downhills the same cramp that I felt on the swim was there again, I almost felt from my bike, but I was not willing to let that stop me from keep going. So I kind of ignore it and worked!

Changed the GU for 1/2 bananas in the 2nd loop and worked just fine. Felt very good and follow my heart rate all the way, looking to not over do it and just keeping the pace, not to hard just to be able to run as much as possible.

Route 86 towards Lake Placid and last hills was hard. You know you are close but now the run ghost was approaching and the challenge of changing this fun was not something I was looking for...

T2 was slow but I toke my time to go the bathroom, put my snickers and off we go... started good and solid but that don't last long, the cramp emerge again but this time harder. Walk for a little bit towards the aid station. This time I grab cola and pretzles and keep walking for a little while. Then started jogging again and keep going, keep going was what I was all about, doesn't matter how but I wanted to just keep moving towards the finish line.

First loop was super hard, the part from route 73 to the turning point felt long. Then uphill again towards downtown.

Everybody was cheering at telling you how good you look... I did not look good at all, but what you can say more than "thank you"? Matter of fact I can not remember the last time I said "thank you" that many times... All good, people were GREAT! And they look good for real, drinking beer, having barbecues, looking fresh, cheering, etc.

Going out of town felt awful. Just thinking on doing again the 13.1 miles again was not a good feeling, but I was lucky to bump into another guy who was running/walking by my side for the last 3 miles. Mike from Boston BIB # 804. At one point he goes "we should finish together brother", so we started to run 2 poles (electrical poles), walk 1 for the rest of the race. Even in the last mile. Thanks to him the 2nd loop was awesome, felt shorter than the first one.

Everyone at downtown was cheering and the whole thing was unreal. Really. I felt like a rock start and my dream was real.

I run the oval and cross the finish line. Happy as a dog with 2 tails...

I let go Mike and other guy first so I can properly do my celebration at the finish line: 1 squat, 1 burpee & 1 push up. 1 time x time. Total time: 13:23:43

My family was on the tent by the finish line and felt so great to see them with their happy faces. My daughter was still cheering for me.

Max was waiting at the finish line, with a big smile, like he was running. What a great feeling! Master Yoda always present when you need him...

Then is like everything is over and you are an Ironman. That's it? Really?

For moments I feel super happy, but also I feel I can do better, like 13:23 seems way more than I was expecting (I don't know really what I was expecting since I never did it before) but I guess I was expecting to race faster than I did.

I'm happy don't get me wrong is just is like a sub-real feeling... and now 3 days later I found myself looking the numbers again and trying to see what I could done better, how I will do it next time.

Also I can not believe I not sore everywhere and I'm not in a bed for a week. Matter of fact I came from Lake Placid on Monday straight to the studio to teach 2 privates.

Something I know for sure, I need to train harder. I need to improve and I want to do it better. Now that I know I can swim, bike and run for long distances I want to do it faster and better and CFE will be my tool.

Ironman Cozumel, here we go...

Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday I went to Mt. Tom lake (Litchfield-Bantam) to do my 20 minutes light of swimming. I want to say that that lake sucks! why they don't allow you to swim from the shore when lifeguard present?

ANyway, drove to Highland lake and swim from one of our friends dock. Nice and warm water, choppy but nice. Then grab the bike from the lake to Torrington and then ran from there. My wife and daugther help me a lot since they drove by my side in order to keep the transitions as short as possible.
After that, I went to Lowes to buy plywood to build my new jump boxes. 36" x 36", went home and built it. Oh men, they lock and feel HUGE! but giddy up, will be fun...

Today I had my first client at 8am to start the ON RAMP program and at 4pm I have my first private. One thing for sure, I will learn a lot from teaching and I love it.

See you all on Lake Placid! I can not wait, counting the hours...

Friday, July 16, 2010

AFF & 5km run

Today at 8am I was at Ellington, CT starting my Accelerated Free Fall training course. I learn a lot of things and almost jump but the weather was not good enough.

Tomorrow maybe I will be able to do my first AFF jump from 12000. Great stuff.

After a hot day I came home and watched Ironman Kona 2008. Today I realized that I recorded last year on 07/25 which is the day when I will be doing IMLP!!!!! Great!

After watching those amazing images, I went for a run at evening. Not the fastest but on the hills and pushing. Felt good. 5km run time: 33:16 (again not the fastest but finished). Still trying to get my mind around the 26.2 that I will be facing next Sunday!.

It's coming. It's coming and it feels like when you look down from 12,000 feet! A lot of mix emotions...

Now watching the Crossfit Games Live! Amazing. I need to learn a lot of new WOD like the muscle ups! Tomorrow I will hang the rings and try it for sure! Giddy up boys and girls!

10, 20 and 30 rep rounds of box jumps, squats, push ups, burpees

Did the WOD: 10, 20 and 30 rep rounds of box jumps, squats, push ups, burpees,
at the studio and with my dautgher doing a downsize of it, fun a lot of fun.

Total time: 9:52

The studio look and feel great! Have the first class next week at 8am. On ramp program! Giddy up!

20km bike + Backsquats

Did the 1st. WOD at morning before the rain visit us...

Hot and humid. From home to route 4, route 63 back home trough route 202.

20km time: 39:01.

Did the back squats late at night after I finish all the details previous to the open house tomorrow. My wife and daughter help me a lot to put all the things on place and clean the place. Thanks!!!!

Backsquats: 3-3-3-3-3: I warm up at 45+45x2 and then did all the rest with 45+45x4=225lb.

Keep the needs below 90 degrees and went really dip! Like it!

3x500 swim & 150 wall balls

Good swim for the first WOD: 3x500, 75%, 85%, 95% effort, 3 mins rest between
1) 8:11 / 2) 8:13 / 3) 8:37

Did the 2nd. 150 wall ball shots for time after that @ home without a clock.

Open House

Great Open House at Charym. A lot of people show up at the complex and I had the chance to show my studio/ box to the visitors.

Most of them demonstrated a lot of interest in Crossfit which is really good. The studio is not that big (5 people working out at the same time) but the idea is to don't be big, just be very good.

We will see how it goes. I plan to be there all days...

swim 500, 50 squats, swim 400, 40 squats, swim 300, 30 squats, swim 200, 20 squats, swim 100, 10 squats

WOD: swim 500, 50 squats, swim 400, 40 squats, swim 300, 30 squats, swim 200, 20 squats, swim 100, 10 squats did it at YMCA early in the morning. Felt good, even when the mom & kids class was going on in the other line.

Total time: 31:49. Tomorrow is the big Open House at Charym and I must have my studio ready to go!

5k run and 10 pull ups, 10 wall balls, 10 push ups, 4X for time

Did the 1st. WOD at the new studio (almost finish)

10 pull ups, 10 wall balls, 10 push ups, 4X for time. Hard but fun! Time: 7:39 After that went to a Yoga Class.

After the yoga class grab my back pack and run home from the studio since is little more than 5km from door to door. Humid and hot!

5km run time: 31:49 slow but I dit it!

4th of July Bike Ride

Pride to be an American through naturalization that's for sure.

I like all the opportunities this beautiful country bring to me and my family.

Thank you!

Ok, right to the ride I went from home to Cornwall and back through route 45. I forgot how hilly is Route 45 after Route 7. Rode longer that the 90 minutes prescribed, but all good was fun.

A little tire and sore on the lower back for some reason.

Garmin data:
90 minutes + by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Thanks to Erica, time ago we got introduced to the Dehydrator and after receiving it we put it to the test with Juliet and my wife, drying Strawberries and bananas, we will see tomorrow morning how this work.

Run and deadlifts - Sat July 3rd.

1st. WOD: 5x800mts. 3 minute rest. Run the 800mts at Litchfield park right behind the new studio.

I did it late 9pm and after a long day working on the studio to get it ready for the Open House next Wednesday.

3 first 800mts at the track the rest on the road (Route 202) since the park was closing and I was getting bored.

I'm feeling really tired and doing a lot of things...

After that I did the 2nd. WOD right away with the new bars and weights from Again Faster in the middle of chaos of the new studio. WOD done is the most important part no matter under what circumstances.

1-1-1-1-1-1 Dead lift

1) 45+45x2=135lb
2) 45+45x4=225lb
3) 45+45x6==315lb
4) 45+45x8* fail=405lb
5) 45+45x6+10x2=335lb
6) 45+45x6+10x4=355lb

Friday, July 2, 2010

Should I say Jump or Skydive or both? (Run, box jumps, wall balls and Tabata bike)

Today was my play day. I went to Ellington, CT to jump in tandem. Kristin my Yoga teacher, college and friend invite my to start taking lesson to get certified. The first step is to jump in tandem.

WOW!!! Loved it! What an awesome experience. To summarize we climb to 11,000 feet and jump. Check the altimeter and at 5,500 signal my instructor and pull the parachute and then land on the zone. I'm still dreaming about it. I want to jump again right now!

OK, back to the training world, I did my 2 WODs back to back when we went home. 1st. WOD 400m run, 30 box jumps, 30 wall balls, 4X for time. Oh men. that was hard. And for some reason lately i'm exhausted. Burned. Tired... I pushed to finish. Not the best time but felt good to finish. Total time:22:40 (24inches box and 20lb wall ball, running on the hills).

Inmediately after that grab my bike, water and went for the 2nd. WOD tabata bike :20 work, :10 rest, 32X, note distance. around the house on the hills on the cyclocross. No legs whatsoever but finished too. That is what is all about. Finish right? Total distance: 3.7miles

Garmin data:
TABATA BIKE (:20 :10) by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Swim and Backsquats

Crazy day.... Receiving equipment, building a platform, painting, picking up my daughter...

Did my 1st WOD at YMCA swim 4x400 80% effort, each rep within 4 sec of each other. Good swim. I need to see my watch to add the times. But I felt good overall.

After dropping Juliet at Gymnastics, I went home to do my 2nd. WOD Back squat body weight, 21 reps, 500m row, back squat 15 reps (same weight), 500m row, back squat 9 reps, row 500m. I felt tired and with just 1/2 hour rest between the 2 WOD, for moments I wanted to call the day, but I manage to finish at 14:20.

After that quick snack and went to a Yoga Class, super intense one. Almost do not finish, but I did it and enjoyed too.

Kristin is a super good teacher and skydiver who invited my to jump... I will do it.


Monday off and today Tuesday I need to run the 15k. Thinking about it the whole day. I have a lot of things to do. The new gym/studio is consuming a lot of time and I need to finish last minute things ASAP.

Soon I will be posting pictures.

Anyway, I run the 15km at Route 63 (Litchfield). Beautiful sunset and the goal was to finish and I did it. My plan is to keep training and leave aside my goals of being super fast for the moment. The goal is to finish....

Swim and deadlift

Went to the Y with my family to do the 1st. wod swim 200yd 10 push ups, 20 squats, 8X for time

Nice work out. I like it. Total time 35:34 (Best of 8: 4:21, worst: 4:46)

After that I went home for the 2nd. wod 3-3-3-3-3 dead lifts. I did the dealift with all the weights I have at home (soon I will be using more at the gym...)


I run out of weight at my home! I use all what I have. 340lb.

Preparing the gym

No yoga or chiropractor today. Working on the new gym/studio. Lot of things in my mind...

Did the run 6x800m, 5 mins rest between at 9pm today. Hard. Very Hard.

First ones at 10mph the last ones at 8:30.

Again, running is not my strong area but working on it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Row and Helen

Went to the YMCA for today's 2 WODs.

1st. 1000yds. swim, which I replaced for 5km row since I did not have a lot of time. Also was my warm up for Helen.

19:44 was the total time.
Try to push harder but felt tired.

After that I immediately started my 2nd. WOD (bricked) "HELEN". For some reason my watch don't start (maybe I didn't push hard enough the button?) but the thing is I don't know my time, which is not good to track progress or lack of it.

Anyway, was hard to do it after the 5km row. I used the gravitron since was the close machine to the treadmill. Combine my five fingers, with a barbell and running around the gym, was kind of a lunatic doing a workout. But who cares. I did it.

Another long night today... Bellator 23 last show of the 2nd. Season.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bike, squats and burpees

Last week at Saratoga for this first part of the season. I will be back on August...

I bring the cyclocross bike again to Saratoga to commute and to train. Commuting and having fun great bike, to train is like pulling a truck on your back, more than that is a great bike and make your legs stronger (I hope so!)

Did the first WOD bike 3 mins on, 2 off, 6X for distance @ Route 9N. First 2 3 minutes felt with no legs and really, really tired. Uphill most of the time. Beautiful day and the route was busy. I felt good but hard to push.

Garmin data:
bike 3 mins on, 2 off, 6X for distance by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Immediately after that I check in at the hotel, grab my bike and went to the YMCA for the 2nd. WOD: back squat body weight 3 reps, 3 burpees, every minute on the minute for 15 minutes. I like it! Really! Hard towards the end but felt good. I squat super down and used more than my body weight= 45+(45x2)+(25x2)=185lb.. Sweet a lot!

After the WOD went to grocery store, had dinner on Spring Street Deli (quesadilla) and had a evening ride around the hotel neighborhood. Peace and quite evening. Very nice.


Not speedy Gonzales, but I did it (Run, Push ups)

Today 1st. WOD 10k run. As I mentioned before, running has become harder lately and I need to make peace with this. I went out to run with the idea to have fun and do not kill myself in the process, after all I can not run like speedy from one day to the other.

I need to return to the POSE, because I'm not even thinking about it when I run. I need to find balance between POSE and having fun running.

The time was really slow for the 10K: 1:05:05.
but I least I enjoyed more and little by little I plan to start pushing more again without feeling bad about it.

No stomachaches so the run felt better. Just had water (no electrolytes). After that I did the 2nd. WOD. 100 push ups. Time: 4:05

At the evening I went for a Yoga Class with Maureen. Great class and since not a lot of people at the class felt like a one on one class. Was reluctant at the beginning of the class (felt too tired) by I left with an smile on my face.


Monday, monday... (bike and thrusters)

I decided to go to my Yoga (Ballet) Class on my tri-bike doing the 1st. WOD 45 min bike

I leave home late so I push it to make it before the class start. Made it. (I will post the results when I sync my Garmin)

Yoga Ballet Class was good and Victoria was great as always.

After that I went home and change to pickup my daughter. At evening I did the 2nd. WOD Thrusters, 75#, 50X for time. Total time 4:03. For a minute I thought I can load more weight but after the first 30 reps I was happy that I didn't.

Was a very good day overall.


Fathers day WODs (Backsquats and 400s swim)

Fathers day. Good day. Perfect would be to have my kids here or just a phone call from them...

Went to the YMCA and did the 1st. WOD

3-3-3-3-3 Back squat

1) 45+90(45x2)=135lb
2) 45+90(45x2)+90(45x2)=225lb
3) 45+90(45x2)+90(45x2)+50(25x2)=275lb
4) 45+90(45x2)+90(45x2)+50(25x2)=275lb
5) 45+90(45x2)+90(45x2)+50(25x2)=275lb

Goal was to squat low and I did it. Felt good.

2nd. WOD at the pool (with Nilda and Juliet swiming on the other line)!
5x200 swim @ 4 mins rest
3:14 was the averagage time. Warmed up with 400mts. Push it hard or that's why I think.


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Commuting and 5k Tabata Run

Today I went to the Yoga Class on my Cyclocross bike. Fun, a lot of fun at Litchfield Hills.

After the class I went to the Chryo and Back home with my bike. Feels good to ride around.

Late at the evening I did the tabata 5k run. I like it!

I did it at the basement, on the treadmill with the tabata lite app on my iphone. I don't know if you can do this in the road. Did you?

Comuting Data:
Home-Charym-Dr. Erin-Charym-Home by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cycling at night

"Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play." - Heraclitus

That's what I did tonight on my ride back to the hotel. 1:40am, beatifull nigh and great feeling of joy.

I think the key is not to be to serious!


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Today I'm at Saratoga, like the last several weeks. I bring my Cyclocross bike with me to commute to work and around town. Rain all day but at evening stopped so I decided to go to the gym in my bike and then go for groceries and dinner in my bike too.

Oh men, I felt like I was a kid again. I really enjoyed to ride around with my bike. Also I tested the saddle bags putting my groceries on it, the tail of the bike handle it impressible and the whole riding experience was great. Gears flies up and down and because of the tires and frame I was able to go a little of road and on top of some curves. An amazing evening and while reading and thinking I notice that I'm taking the whole training too serious, like I'm training to win, and is not the case.

I think I lost perspective why I'm doing this. Is not an obligation I'm doing it because I want it and even while I need to push at the WOD I also need to enjoy it, not just suffer.

First WOD was 10, 20, 30 Boxjumps, squats, pushups, burpees. I pushed hard, at one point doing the last 30 burpees I felt like going out, like in a weird "zone" black one, and I decided to push it to go beyond what I was feeling or my mind was telling me. Was a good feeling.... finish in 10:24

Inmediately after that 2nd. WOD and since the pool was close I did 2500 mts row (500mts per each 100yds). Finish in 10:29.

I will keep researching "the black zones" looking forward to find the uncomfortable, comfortable and learn to be better in life.



Last night I went to bed and read "Ultramarathon Man" and found a couple of very good paragraph which help me in my process to find answers, peace and balance about what I'm doing.

One of them which really reflects what I feel is "... pain and suffering are often the catalysts for life's most profound lessons."

Another quote, not from this book but from SEAN LEFLOCH BLOG "... That is the most difficult part about this training, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable on a regular basis." So true, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is not an easy task. The mind immediately refuses to go beyond and we need to teach it the right.

Today I have a long day ahead and a long night but I wake up feeling better, mentally and physically.

Went to the gym (cyclocrossing :) to do the 1st. WOD: 21 burpees, 500mts. row, 15 burpees 500mts. row, 9 burpees, 500mts. row. Total time: 8:58

Jump on the bike, went to the office, leave the back pack and hit the road for the 2nd. WOD. bike 3 miles rest 1 min, bike 6 miles rest 2 mins, bike 9 miles, rest 3 mins, bike 12 miles. The cyclocross is a fun bike, and handles awesome, but for moments is just like riding pulling a big truck... tires grip to the road like suction cup and the saddlebags are not that aerodynamic, other than that awesome.

I have fun and push it all the hills climbing hard.

Did the intervals at route 9N. I did the math wrong and in the way out I need to stop at the office with less than 5 miles still to go... run out of time and I was already late for the night show, that's what I decided to call it.

On the way back I toke this picture...

Untitled by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lately I've being feeling tired and unmotivated. Every WOD seems to be harder and run is not being fun. I want to enjoy it but for now is just painful to go and run.

Maybe is because I'm not sleeping too much or too busy, but the reality is that everyday I found myself having to do an effort to do the WOD.

I know it will pass, but for know kind of sucks...

1st. WOD: 1-1-1-1-1-1 Deadlift, did it home with all the weight I have 345.

1) 45+(45x2)=90lb
2) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)
3) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)
4) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)
5) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)+(10x2)
6) 445+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)+(10x2)+(5x2)
7) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)+(10x2)+(5x2)+(5x2)
8) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)+(10x2)+(5x2)+(5x2)+(2.5x2)* extra one

After this WOD I went to a YOGA class. Hard, very hard. Felt tight and out of balance and wanting to get out of there. But I hold it until the end.

Went home, grab my snicker and hit the road for the 2nd. WOD. 10K. Did it counter clockwise since I need to head to downtown before LOWES closes, I need DRY ERASE pain for the new box.

Started thinking that will not be that hard because I thought the hills where in the other direction, but I was wrong. Hard uphills. Nice sunset do. Push it and fight my mind almost every step. As I said before running has become hard for me. I need to deal with this ASAP and find peace with running. The last 2 miles I had a terrible stomachache and almost stop couple of times, but I hold it.

The result was not good but not the worst. 1:02


Monday, June 14, 2010

30km (18.6 miles) HOME-118-254-THOMASTON-LITCHFIELD) by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

I wake up tired :)

Went to YOGA BALLET with my daughter since she is in summer vacation. Very good class even for Juliet.

After the class we toke a picture for my website (see below).

After that did my 1st. WOD: 30km for time at Litchfield Hills. The new bike fitting is much confortable even at the hills I rode today. Was a little hot and humid but very good ride overall.
30km (18.6 miles) Garmin data:
30km (18.6 miles) HOME-118-254-THOMASTON-LITCHFIELD) by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Help to move stuff out of my new box/ studio and the place is being painted... making progress... slow but steady.

After the moving I was sore and tired but have the will to hit the 2nd. WOD.

500mts. row, 400mts run x 5 times.
The running was hard. Did it downhill and up. Not excellent splits but I finish. Total time: 22:47


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fueled by sadness

Usually I don't like to complain and I tried hard to maintain to a minimum the amount of bad thoughts or feelings, but this week was a little harder than usual.

My oldest soon turn 12 years old. He and my middle soon lives in Argentina with my ex wife. I do not see them since May 2009, and I really, really miss them. We've being talking with my wife to bring them for their winter vacation, but since over there is 2 weeks vacation I request have them for 3 weeks and let them do the homework before the return.

She start complaining and fighting around. I tried to not get involve in that destructive relationship but sometimes I can't. Have them here for 2 weeks cost near to 5,000 dollars. That's why I want them to be here as much time as possible because is really expensive to fly them here.

What really make me sad, is the day I called to say happy birthday to my soon he listened her mom yelling at me and what really piss me off was that day both skip school because of the birthday! And then she alleges that if they come here for 3 weeks they will miss school.

Working out usually help me to channel some of this frustrations but this week seems to do not work. I'm feeling sad and overwhelm.

On Saturday I went to cycling concepts to pickup my commute bike a Cyclocross. Dan and his crew fitted and looks really nice. This week I will starting my commute to work here at Litchfield HILLS and @ Saratoga too. Looking forward to see how this will feel.

Anyway, I manage to do the weekends WOD:

Saturday: 8x400m, at best 5K pace, rest 3 mins after each, I did it at home running to the drive way to the street.

1) 1:28 2) 1:30 3) 1:32 4) 1:33 5) 1:35 6) 1:40 7) 1:41 8) 1:45

Hard workout. I had to really push to finish. Running up hill was the hardest part.
My daughter and our friends kid cheer for me and that put a smile on my face and help me to finish.

1st WOD @ 7pm 5-5-5-5-5 thrusters
1) 5 @ 45+25x2=95lb
2) 5 @ 45+35x2=115lb
3) 5 @ 45+45x2=125lb
4) 5 @ 45+45x2=135lb
5) 5 @ 45+45x2=135lb

2nd. Workout
swim 100 yd, 5 push ups, 5 squats, 8X for time (replaced the swim for 500mts. row) since the pool was close and too late to go to the lake.

Total time: 22:47.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 burpees, 10 push ups, 500m row, AMRAP in 20 mins

Today I wake up late and work at my room for a little, finishing the new website and trying to find forces to go to the YMCA.

WOD: 5 burpees, 10 push ups, 500m row, AMRAP in 20 mins: almost 5 laps (300 of 500mts. row)

The schedule at work and training wise is starting to be a very busy. Being away from home 3 days per weeks and starting up the new place is being crazy.


run 400m, 20 burpees, 4X for time

Long day. Wake up and drive to Saratago for a long day at work.

Left the office at 7pm and was already raining and late for the 2WODs.

I did a pending WOD: run 400m, 20 burpees, 4X for time at the hotel gym in order to at least do something. Total time 14:41

Short but intense, had to concentrate in order to finish. Not too motivated.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bike (fit), swim and run (wod)

Last night I have a natural pill to sleep in order to try to test a natural solution pre race day. I think it worked since I wake up feeling I slept better, even when I just slept 7 hours or less.

Today I went back to an old love. Cycling Concepts. Dan is very, very good and that's why the first time (thanks Max once again to introduce me with the right people), I fit my bike over there.

Today I re-fit my bike (actually Dan did it). Longer and wider aerobars stand, higher saddle, spacers on the cranks and on the shoes. Overall improvement Dan told me.

Also I bought an entry level Cyclocross from Cannondale to use it as a commuter when I'm in Saratoga and at home, to save gas and to train even when I'm not training.

After that went to the pool for Juliet's class and to do the 1st. WOD: 500yds.

Warm up with 50yds and then swam for 500YDS 8:13

Then went to YOGA but today the class was canceled. At home I did the 2nd. WOD
20 BOX JUMPS (24INCHES), 20 SQUATS, 20 PUSHUPS, 20 SITUPS, RUN 1 MILES X 2 TIMES: Total time: 22:36.
The hard part was run.